To sell this equity you need to buy it first - I have but can't sell

(Shouldn’t there be a forum for bugs/issues?)

Getting message (see img) when trying to limit sell, despite owning all shares.

After several more attempts, it rejected saying I had insufficient funds!

Oh great, and now the price is going down - C’mon T212!

If your shares are in a pie, you first need to take them out of said pie to sell them.

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They weren’t, Moul. Thanks anyway.

Have you already tried to sell them then trying again, sometimes it takes a while other times it can go quick?
what I mean is if you try again that message may appear.

Thanks @Col1948.

It happened from the off and repeated several times. I’ve seen it before but dismissed it as me being stupid but this was incontrovertible.

It’s scary. I lost profit.

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Hello @MikeC,

It is possible that you had an already active pending order, which prevents you from setting another one on the same quantity.

Thanks @PeterA. As I said above, it began from the first instance. I clicked the ‘Review order’ button several times after seeing the message before closing the window and repeating the procedure again.

There was no pending order.

I’m not looking for compensation but it would be excellent customer care to have this acknowledged in some form with a view to having the issue fixed or explained. I didn’t ‘lose’ money, and it wasn’t a lot of money involved, but next time someone might get in a right tangle.

Personally, I believe the messaging was probably wrong and something else was happening, but what do I know.

Trying to feedback and make your product better here guys (and gals).

And shouldn’t there be a forum for issues and bugs like this so they don’t get buried - would be helpful to your engineers, I’m sure.

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Ahem, quality assurance people.