What to do with i shares clean energy? i have no idea

This etf keeps going up I have no idea weather to buy it now or wait what are peoples thoughts on this

I’ve held this since late November and it’s currently just over 9% up. Can’t remember seeing a red day.

Sure it may dip some time, but that’s just a good time to buy more.

Hopefully we will get it on XETRA soon… :cry:

I have the same problem with SMT, just absolutely running away rarely a dip.
If you’re keen on the investment I would say start a small position, dollar cost average when it suits you, weekly, monthly? And if you see a decent dip add to it.


I just keep buying more. I’ve been long since February and I rebalanced some into vwrl in December. But now I’m back to cost averaging.

I’m up 34% on it, just DCA into it gradually. All the stocks within it will start to see big growth especially with Democrats taking control of the senate today, they will be pushing for clean energy.

True. I just worry at such massive growth there was a drop near Christmas. But I get nervous when there has been no sell off at somepoint large numbers will pull out and take there profit leaving me with a loss

It’s the future, why stress if you’re a long term investor? By long term I mean decade(s)

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Just put in small amounts a different intervals to avoid being in draw down if it pulls back. Personally I only see large upside once Biden comes in on the 20th of this month so I don’t expect any crazy pull backs.

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If you dont know what to do that means you are not ready for this.

Get books, start educating yourself, read, watch and learn as much as you can.
Then start investing.

If you dont know what to do
you dont have a plan
if you dont have a plan
you dont have a strategy
if you dont have a strategy
you clearly dont know what you are doing
therefore you only gonna lose money on the market

Finally if you are up to dividend investing, you are welcome here Divdend PIE Discussion
always up for a discussion :slight_smile:

Educate yoursefl while you still have money.


With a single stock (1 company) this would be a valid concern, however given this is an ETF with multiple companies in it it is less so.

This is a popular thematic ETF; if you’re concerned about the above you can probs easy keep an eye on the net capital inflows or net capital outflows into this fund & others like it over time. This green sector theme is likely to have consistent net inflows and more net assets under management over time (see WSJ video above). I don’t see this sustainability trend reversing harshly and if you dollar cost average over the next 5, 10, 20 years the scenario of a loss is low imho

Just keep buying… Will go up with 2050 in mind…

Just sold and took the 3% guaranteed profit and will rebuy later when it has stabilised. I am getting annoyed with 212 delay I put a buy order in for the open but it did not excuses costing me a further 4% in gains