Piemaker and my investment strategy

I believe day trading to be a zero sum game and picking stocks glorified gambling (which I do occasionally). Whilst I may have slightly better than average knowledge about say semiconductors, there is no way I have enough time to read about every company’s: developments, prospects, competitors, financials etc let alone for an area I have no idea about such as genetics. As such I’d like to target specific industries/areas that I think are almost guaranteed success long term, pies and ETFs are great for that.

At the moment I have following pies:

  • AR/VR
  • AI
  • Solar
  • Biogenetics
  • Blockchain (mostly fluff from Reality BLCN )
  • Chip manufacturers
  • Consumerism
  • Fast growth digital stuff I don’t understand
  • Entertainment
  • EVs
  • 5G
  • Quantum computing (mostly fluff from Defiance QTUM)
  • Smart buildings
  • Mega software companies
  • Vegetarian
  • Water tech
  • Index developed/emerging

I like checking these forums especially for a laugh about anything that involves Tesla, but generally I want to be as passive as possible with my investing. The time I spend analysing stock is the time I don’t spend at my core hustle which is what allows me to actually put money into stocks. I plan to put £50 per each of the above pies every month and remove the trading 212 app altogether so I’m not tempted buying random stuff or worse trying to time the market (here is a great example of why timing market is pointless on the long run).

I have slight aversion to to index tracker funds as they include companies that are huge now but offer no long term growth potential or ones that are slightly less ethical like (though I love arms industry, thanks to them we have all sorts of crazy engineering that no one would ever need to develop otherwise).

A lot of interesting ETFs are not available in the EU due to regulatory mismatch.

Because of the above issues I wrote a small program that allows ETFs to be loaded, blended with other ETFs and then filter out anything that is not available on T212 or not available in ISA. Undesired securities can be removed. It saved me from going through excel myself, seeing what’s available and then scaling the ratios.

It’s like a second time in my life I did anything GUI related so that aspect is a POS, otherwise it seems to work for what I designed it for.

I’ve uploaded two binaries that should work on osx and windows 64bit.

How to use:

  1. Remove from the excel file anything that isn’t the main table
  2. Make sure all files are .xlsx or .xls
  3. Load file(s)
  4. (Optional) Add/remove custom security entries
  5. (Optional) Set relative weights for given ETFs
  6. Decide:
  • Number of pies
  • ISA/fractional filtering
  • Removal below 0.5% threshold
  1. Make pie
  2. (Optional) Save as new excellent file

I’m open to comments about my investing strategy, and I hope this script happens to work for someone.


Great post. That piemaker looks neat, will check it out when I get a minute.

I take a similar approach by sampling active ETFs, ITs and mutual funds although I also hold a core of tracker funds.

I figure I don’t know more than the folk at Ark Invest, Baillie Gifford, Fundsmith etc, so I’ll try to harness their knowledge and research while minimising the costs.

It’s a great way to own individual stocks without having to pick them yourself.

I’m also tempted to do this once this year’s Isa transfers and my pies are good to go, to take away the temptation to tinker. For me, the endgame’s to minimise the time sink, so I can put it in the calendar to update weightings/rebalance once or maybe twice a year.

At that point, I’ll do a disappearing trick à la @Scrooge_McCodf.

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Would it be possible to add some screenshots in GitHub?

I just added to github, here is one as well (it looks way more ancient on windows).

Nice profile pic by the way, love that backlit image of Saturn with extra rings and earth visible in the shot.

Super, Thank you!!!
I will clone this GitHub repository to my repos.

Wow this is really cool! Thank you!