What will be your first stock purchase for 2023?

Personally, for me I want to top up my global equity position, so something boring like the Vanguard FTSE All World ETF. Sadly have to go with the Distributing version as the Accumulation has a higher spread but such is life.

If anyone can suggest anything more interesting, I might have a dabble as well. I do think it is time to diversify slightly - property and logistical companies like ASLI and BBOX could add some good diversification to my portfolio. There are some risks - 6% of ASLI’s income comes from Arrival which has been struggling of late so cash flows may be slight cause for concern.



Definitely gonna be LGEN as my pie autoinvestment lands on 6th January :rofl:

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IBT and IEM for me if I can get them at the ‘right’ price/discount to NAV.

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So far I have bought Halma, HL, VWRL (All-world ETF) and flipped a Vanguard Pacific Index fund into CPJ1 (iShares Pacific ETF).

Updated my PIE to this (but not yet bought):

And have bought a little ASML & Tesla with some spare change that has came in from dividends.

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The first and most likely last new position for 2023 is DNNGY for me. Other than that, I’ll keep investing in my pies.

Sell shares in sipp last chance to move significant amount of money out with out paying tax. I have just got my state pension. May put back £2880 to get a £720 of the taxpayer. As I have an extra protected state pension and the income tax allowance isn’t going to be raised for some time I suspect I will be paying tax on pension in 2024 (unless inflation falls over a cliff).

Also was going to sell shares in my general account and buy them back in my ISA particular those that pay a dividend that push above the £1,000 mark. Alas I won’t be able to achieve, as more than £20,000 worth.
So to deal with that I have sold bank of Georgia (first share bought April 22) for 128% gain and Georgia capital for a miserable 16% gain (holding company on 66% discount). The 11% base rates will be reduced when inflation falls enough. Last 3 readings were 10.4% 9.8% 9.4%. To put mildly the Georgian Lara is in an everlated state.
So already bought the 3i shares in ISA plus bit more. When I sell them in general account put money in ISA will probably buy more.
Next Murray International have only bought half so far in ISA. So buy the other half.
I will have a fair bit left over in my general account so may continue buying debt sector investment trusts that pay dividends as streamed interest. These are covered by the £5,000 starter savings tax allowance so no tax to pay. The market is not paying attention to the fact that they charge interest relative base rates. IE they will be increasing dividends in the future.
I think I need to bookmark this post so I can remember what I am supposed to do!

Note shares have to be sold in this financial year as capital gains tax is reduced next tax year.

PS despite interest rate of 11% Georgia’s economic growth is 10.2%

The European bank of reconstruction and talking bollocks predicted a recession in Georgia due to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

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Murray International.
Has been on a run for sometime. Top in its sector over 1 year normally second from the bottom. This is because he has only 20%ish in US. Big on developing countries. Thinks developed countries have to much sovereign debt and personal debt. He calls the amount of quantitative easing as economic vandalism!
Directors require him to pay a better than average dividend. So a bit of a value edge.
The strategy has not worked for the last 8 years possibly longer.
Always well supported by investors so rarely much of discount. 5% before they start doing buy backs.
Large investment trust small discount.
Pays dividends quarterly.

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TRY could be an option. It’s got a great long-term record and offers broad property exposure. I bought a load when it took a tumble under Truss.

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Time to buy?

Civitas Social Housing (CSH) has suffered a sustained fall in its share price which sees it now trade on a discount of 44.4%. This seems wholly unjustified given the strong market fundamentals in the social housing sector and the group’s proven, secure government-backed income.

Not the same as home reit. Definitely not! The housing supplied is for disabled people. They don’t build anything. Everything they buy must be ready for occupancy. 8.8% dividend at the moment. High gearing though. Obviously no links to the equity market. Tempting me! For the ISA.

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Sold NAIT and bought Civitas.
CAPE for S&P 500 is still near bubble territory. NAIT is mainly S&P 500 although in the value sector.
Civitas has no correlation to the equity market, doesn’t mean it won’t fall at first but it will bounce back.
I doubt though that it will go back to par anytime soon. I will live with 8% plus dividend until then!

My first stock purchase is gonna be whatever my pie allocations are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: DCA all the way

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