What will be your first stock purchase for 2023?

Personally, for me I want to top up my global equity position, so something boring like the Vanguard FTSE All World ETF. Sadly have to go with the Distributing version as the Accumulation has a higher spread but such is life.

If anyone can suggest anything more interesting, I might have a dabble as well. I do think it is time to diversify slightly - property and logistical companies like ASLI and BBOX could add some good diversification to my portfolio. There are some risks - 6% of ASLI’s income comes from Arrival which has been struggling of late so cash flows may be slight cause for concern.



Definitely gonna be LGEN as my pie autoinvestment lands on 6th January :rofl:

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IBT and IEM for me if I can get them at the ‘right’ price/discount to NAV.

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So far I have bought Halma, HL, VWRL (All-world ETF) and flipped a Vanguard Pacific Index fund into CPJ1 (iShares Pacific ETF).

Updated my PIE to this (but not yet bought):

And have bought a little ASML & Tesla with some spare change that has came in from dividends.

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The first and most likely last new position for 2023 is DNNGY for me. Other than that, I’ll keep investing in my pies.