What's happening with sale of PREM?

Why aren’t trades for PREM going through instantly? This has become very frustrating. I’m now expected to stump up a further £30 in an attempt to buy … :man_shrugging:

Anyone else having the same problem?

Was down at 0.070p and I even tried a market buy at 0.075p however waited, and waited, and waited, but it’s shot up to 0.105p which, with the amount I was king to buy, has cancelled.my.order cause I don’t have enough funds.

If an order can’t be executed at the time of purchase, some kind of indication would be helpful. Have I just missed something completely @Team212 @David? :cry:

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Have same issue my order is placed since few hours

Apparently LSE got suspicious of the surge in trading activity & small size orders with this security. We just got a call from them asking us whether we’re sure about submitting all of the PREM orders.

We’re working on solving this.


I actually tried to buy yesterday and it got stuck for more than 24 hours and got processed at 0.99 …

Had a question about this here:

I was looking at this last night and it looks like a scam tbh.

The other was PHE where it’s one major holder that’s influencing the market, and repeated buying and selling within the family (Howard, Josh, Ben White).

What type of scam?

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The kinda scam where the money going in is just being used to buy a pool and new Tesla for the people running the show. Whilst the shareholders are given false hope of something just around the corner, but a decade later it’s still the same story.

I could be completely wrong and it’s all genuine and will produce results at some point. :man_shrugging:

Its very much a win everything, or lose everything type of stock. Not worth the trouble I decided.

Worth a bit of a read of existing shareholders and looking at the MAX chart on Google.


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Well, the market is a gamble anyway, not a “fixed science” and I would have “invested” (people do not like the real “speculating” term :P) for these +30% blips.
It’s always a risk… but unfortunately the system said “no” and processed it after 24hours at a wrong price…

Oh … !! :upside_down_face:

I mean I was only after 100,000 for £75 and was going to leave it at that. Didn’t realise I should have stuck another zero on the end for the million?

@David: Will keep an eye out for any update(s) on the matter, thanks.

£75 was a small enough gamble to see what may or may not happen.

In the meantime, the price seems to be going up and down! :money_mouth_face:

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@David, Hi. I am trying to get rid of these but they are not executing… any ideas?

Thank you

LE: I actually see that other orders that I make are going slow, so they end up at a different price

@drtinvest I can see the order’s accepted by LSE, it’s only a matter of time until it gets executed. Check this topic for more info on AIM (SETSqx) execution: Struggling with market order

@Team212 / @David: Do we have an update on this yet after LSE raised their suspicions, thus not allowing trades to go through? I’m now expected to invest £45 extra for the same value of shares because of this … :thinking: