Dividend tracking

Best website or app for keeping up to date with dividend payments? As in which companies pay monthly annually etc

came across this https://www.dividend.com/

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Also https://seekingalpha.com


Both of the above are fine choices. There is also a lot of good information on suredividend and I think that holfolio is something in a fairly nascent stage with quite a lot of scope to be very good. But I think that someone with the original poster’s mo should probably be looking to build his own spreadsheet or something like that to do this kind of thing.

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I you seen my dividends on App Store ? Looks decent automatically updates if they change dividend payout etc don’t know how good it is as just downloaded it can add 4 stocks in portfolio but then if want more it’s $7.99 one off payment

Build your own
Use the finkiAPI functions in. G Sheets or Excel

Does it work it out for you? Can never use excel I’m more of a pen and paper person haha

Nothing at all wrong with pen and paper if that’s what works out for you.

Doesn’t have to be Excel specifically, can be Numbers (if your one doesn’t intermittently crash like mine does) or any spreadsheeting software of your choosing.

For someone with your ambitions, though, you’ll want to be building your own infrastructure where possible (and this is a case where it definitely is possible) rather than relying on external providers.

This is exactly why I’m trying to find the best sources see what they use do etc and go from there (not copy) I hate any sort of news they release even yahoo finance, they just make stuff i think to write articles :rofl: one good example Is aurora cannabis they said it’s a bad buy, then said it’s a good buy then said there selling a facility ain’t looking good next article is saying it’s a cheap stock, I’m like contradict contradict haha!

I can tell you now for free cannabis stocks will be hotter than FAANG stocks in 10 years guranteed!! Just imagine 5 years into legal medcial/recreational use and they start saying it cures this it cures that…

Big pharma are going down!!! Like free energy when that happens all these companies are gna fail if they don’t adapt!! E.g Crowdcube power transition… peer to peer electric I can buy and sell of the grid to normal people etc,

2020-2030 is all about inoperability (think I spelt it right)

Another good stock in my eyes also getting into blockchain etc is IRON MOUNTAIN. They hold VALUABLE documents even frank sanatra music is held there… there getting into blockchain.

A lot of this is true – a substantial amount of what we see written about stocks is done so with the intention of talking a stock up or down for reasons that have nothing to do with the reader’s interests (and might be in conflict with them).

Note, of course, there is nothing contradictory in saying that a stock is a good buy at one time and that it is not a good buy at another time.

Thanks for the advice, though I’ll stay out of cannabis stocks for now as something that isn’t in my area of expertise.

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Yeah that’s true I’m not saying you can’t change your mind but not within a week. Unless something drastic happens say wirecard haha! But no problem, start looking into it though because there is going to be some crazy winners, I want to see more blockchain stocks on t212 but at the moment there all penny stocks

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Can you say a bit more about what the ‘this’ and ‘that’ are that we’re going to discover that cannabis cures?

It’s a fact mate isn’t something I’ve just made up, that’s the whole reason there starting to push medical cannabis

Ive been selling this stuff for a few years now, it cures a hell of a lot!!! Beats big Pharma all day long in my eyes

See some of the feedback from people that are sick on my page

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Say that again! My family owns land in Africa Gambia etc and they grow morenga google it and it just shows you alll the stuff it helps with, yahoo are JUST pushing this now. Big changes are coming this why I think buffet going to fall off he’s like 8th richest now haha!

:eyes::eyes::eyes: do you deliver? Or is just locally ??

we deliver locally and also do a tracked postal service

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Right, I was just thinking that I might be able to get a better feel for exactly what to make of the healthcare companies I own/follow if I had a better feel for what things are going to be cured without their drugs.

Will it cure MLS, for instance? If so, probably bad for Biogen. Will it put an end to breast cancer? Sounds bad for Pfizer. Will it yield something that can reverse infertility? etc etc etc.

the cannabinoids are amazing as the human body has receptor nodes and they click into place like wooden flooring and heal alsorts of illnesses and mental health issues. Aswell as a good healthy organic diet its amazing what can be cured!!!

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