When are the dividends being paid?

Hi guys. I new here and I am just trying to understand the system better. I have invested in some companies and I would like to know in where can we see the date in which the dividends will be paid. Another question is I have invested a certain amount of money but a part of that money says " reserved for orders", what does it means, as I have chosen the distribution of the money before? And the last question is in which international market do you think that would be the best to invest? Thank you so much for your help

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For dividends I use Stock Events, Stock Events - Track all your Investments You can enter your transactions or the amount of shares and then it shows you ex dividend and dividend dates. And a lot more.

As Chantal says Stock events is one website to track dividends. Another is dividendmax. Also lse.co.uk has a good diary that you can see upcoming uk events (ex dividend dates, dividend payment dates, agm, results…) and you can set the date that you want to look at and set “week” which will tell you everything that’s happening with the major uk listed companies.

“reserved for orders” means that you have a buy order that hasn’t executed yet (either you issued a limit order or you have done a market order and the market is closed or an order is just pending) and the system will reserve the money to execute that pending order. If you cancel the order the money is no longer reserved.

Up to you what markets you invest in. It your using an ISA then you will incur fx fees but if its an Invest account you can now hold foreign currencies as well as GBP. Obviously EU and US are the most common markets to trade in from the UK (aside from the UK).