Where can I access shared pies?

Is there any place where we can see all pies shared by users?

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you can’t it’s not a thing yet I believe

as far as I’m aware you cannot see all pies shared by users as T212 would probably not be allowed to do that (something something privacy, something something not wanting everyone to see what companies you invested in)

users who share their pies are doing so for a particular audience, in doing so I believe they generate a link to give to those who they want to see the pie.

having such a public listing area would not be in the best interests of T212’s clients.

I think it’d be good to have a sticky post with pie recipes that sample popular ETFs, ITs and mutual funds: SMT, ATT, PCT, Fundsmith, Lindsell Train and so on. The following Ark recipes have had a fair number of clicks, for example and a central resouce could be handy.