Which stocks should we play with today?

A few earnings AMC yesteday and BMO today, and many stocks moving in the pre-market.

Too many choices!

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Bio-Path Holding

up 203% Pre market

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Too much!


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Just need Bloomberg to help give a quote its 2:33pm :upside_down_face:

All red after opening!

$HCMC easy money pre announcement!


They are all pump, but you need unique skills to trade them, check cannabis stocks today

Not a good day for trading.

Had a go at GMDA, will see where it goes.


Nice gains! How did you manage to get the data under Return? The Gain / Loss and FX impact? I can’t manage to make them show on my app.

I’m not too far behind on 66% but only have a nominal amount invested.

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Agree dangerous and very volatile day

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Daily trading on penny stock, especially health care these days is just gambling, it I guess everyone is following different strategy
I invest in companies with strong fundamentals and strong tail wind, in for 1-2 years is the objective, hoping for 20-30%+ a year


I agree its gambling and I think many are doing it. Lots of people are in lockdown now with spare cash. Casino websites are busy and I believe people are also using trading 212 like a gambling game glued to individual prices keeping their days busy. I guess as long as they don’t risk as much as they can afford to lose (like a casino) its OK and not affecting their mental health (lack of sleep. Anxiety) but with free trades and easy access via app I could see people getting into problems easily.

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A wasted day!

Keep an eye on IRBT for tomorrow.

@Alien So this did not go well I had ~£600 profits ready to collect on open. Couldn’t login, couldn’t sell, candles failed to update. And then the charts wouldn’t display at all.

I wasn’t going to sell at a loss. At 6.90 it wasn’t pretty.

You bet I’m pissed off. Currently sitting at -£150 and :pray: AH is kind.

Hoping @David will respond.

Hopefully, you recovered :sweat:

Holding :gem:

It’s got a huge short % on it, I’ll be taken down to high 5s and squeezed back up.

still waiting for @David to answer about my missing £600 profit from not being able to sell.

Going to need about 40% :point_up:to break even again at this rate.

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If you want to wait for recovery, maybe shave some your holding to mitigate some risk. :cold_sweat:

Faith in the 200EMA, once I see it start running I’ll avg down.

A massive sell-off may be hanging in the air, :writing_hand: