Why can't I reduce or place any of my limit orders on Trading212?


I opened a ISA account with trading 212 with £1000 and placed several limit orders until I got a message saying that I can’t place a single order worth more than 95% of my free fund, so I added £4000 into my account and still get the same message. So I asked them many times and all they say is that I have place too many limit orders. The strange thing is that I get the same error message even when I try to reduce any of my limit orders.

Currently my Free Fund is £4390.

My question is that is this normal for all ISA account or should I change my ISA account to another broker?

I would really appreciate any help!!


I’m using the ISA

It just means if you have £1000 funds available you can’t place orders totalling more than £950 until they execute or cancel.

Say if it was bang on £950 leaving £50. Once it all executes you could of course then place a second order totalling £47.50 etc

So with £4390 funds your pending orders needs to be £4170.50 or less until it executes.

If it’s not doing that logic then I would message staff

Thanks, however, my concern is that why I can’t place any limit orders even when I added £4000. The limit orders that I’m trying to place are each less than £100 and still their app gives me that message!!