Why do i have a negative investment?


I’ve previously invested in ETF S&P500 and now is the first time i have invested in S&P500 Information Technology. As you can see in the attached image i bought at 13.32 and the current sell price is 13.36, so i am curios to know why my investment is negative (-83.97). Is there something i’m missing? What else is affecting the investment? I haven’t seen this behavior previously , when i invested in S&P500.

Did you pay in euro/pounds? It’s highly likely that it’s due to currency fluctuation.

Hello @phoenixzeu,

When investing in a security that is being traded in a currency, different from your base account currency, you are exposing yourself to FX risk, which may influence your position substantially.

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, i was thinking from the beginning that it could be because of the currency exchange (RON to USD), i wanted some confirmation.
What felt weird to me was that this all happened the same day, i bought stocks friday morning (17th) and by the end of the day the selling price was higher but i was on the negative side.