Can anyone explain me this?

Bought GSK at 1664 p, now the sell price is 1681,2 p…why the system says that I would have a loss -0,6%?

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Currency change. I see your account is in Euros and you bought a company in UK pounds. There has been some devaluation of the UK pound compared to Euro in the timeframe you have been holding the stock. Search for forex risk while buying stocks in a different currency.


ah…ok, got it! Thak you very much

As 2nd post corrected, it is FX rate between GBX/EUR. It is extra risk when buying securities with foreign currency.

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Thank you. To be honest this is one of the main reason I like Trading 212. With the other broker I used (Etoro) since the whole deposit was automatically converted in USD (with fees) you then had not the perception of the currency fluctation both in foreign and european investments.