Why do some of my positions have incorrect profit/loss percentages?

For example, I bought one stock at 242p, it’s currently trading at 232p, a loss of 10p and it should be saying I’m down 4%. Instead it’s saying I’m down 5%. This has been going on for a while with this stock.

Plus, it’s not due to FX rates as the stock is in GBX.

Edit: Sometimes the discrepancy has been even worse, with the stock being down 3% but my position saying I’m down 8%.

Could be the spread + FX ? Seems unlikely though… :slight_smile:

Buy and Sell price are different.

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I’m using the sell price. Plus, most of my other stocks are fine.

What stock is it out of curiosity?

Strix Group (AIM: KETL)

So 242 to 229.45

5.18595% decrease

So should be roughly that at this precise moment.

I forgot to add if you want to calculate to check use this and replace 229.45 with whatever the current sell price is.

(229.45 - 242) / 242 * 100

So if the bid was 232p in the OP

(232 - 242) / 242 * 100 = -4.13223

Also although this is showing the ask at the time, I’d imagine the bid was similar pinging about causing the flick between 4 and 5 with a 3p difference.