My Gain/Loss seems to always be incorrect by a significant margin.

So my Gain/Loss prior to FX being factored in seems to be widely out, I’ve attached a copy of the screenshot below, as you can see its nearly 10% off. It should be about 108.2%~. Leading to my net gain being just shy of 100%. The same applies to my amd shares showing as 62% prior to fx but based on the sell price and my average price should be 68%. Im calculating these using the dollar figures as well.

Are you factoring in the sell price? I just did the maths it looks spot on when converting sell price to £ and multiplying buy held positions

I think I’m wrong.

I did the growth in terms of usd and that gave my the 108% figure. Fx just brings that down by about 20% in the end i guess.

I did it myself at the start :slight_smile: hope it booms higher today for you get you that extra bit you thought was there!!

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