Why is a graph all red yet the others are green?

I notice this morning one of my graphs is all red, that includes the text and zig-zags, it is showing a loss but I have a couple of other also showing a loss but they are green?


A loss to you personally or for the day? A graph will be red if it is down from the last closing price, it has nothing to do with your own profit/loss. A picture would help :slight_smile:

No offence but why do you need a picture when I said the full graph is all red compared the others that are green?


Price DOWN since close yesterday:

Price UP since close yesterday:

If you would switch to other periods (1W, 1M, etc) you could see red or green. because it shows if price went up or down for that period.

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Thank chantal, I have one that is red and another in green but both from price down since closier, how strange.


So, you don’t want to share which tickers face this issue? So what is the expected outcome/result of your query if you are not sharing details?


I thought that would be obvious, both price down since closier yet one is red the other is green, I just wondered why.


Yes you are right, when I switched further back in time it did change, thank you.

It is just magic.


Here’s an example I found. Fastly is obviously down according to the line. But it’s somehow up 3%

Or am I going blind? It looks like it closed lower to me anyway.