Will there be new countries/markets added to Trading212

Hi there,

Was wondering if any of the following countries markets will soon be added to Trading212 since they are available at Interactive Brokers:

  • Canada;
  • Mexico;
  • Estonia;
  • Hungary;
  • Italy;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Norway;
  • Poland;
  • Portugal;
  • Sweden;
  • Australia;
  • Hong-Kong;
  • Japan;
  • Singapore.

Welcome to the community, @MrMarx! :tada:

There will be new markets coming in the future, but we cannot commit to specific ones at this point in time.

Nevertheless, I will update the thread accordingly if there are any changes.


Thank you very much @Michael.M!

Nice to hear that adding markets is on Trading212’s ‘to-do list’.

Could you give a little bit more information? Are we talking abouth days, weeks, months or years to get this happening? And do you plan to add them all at once, in groups or individualy?

Thanks in advance!

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@MrMarx your optimism is brilliant but I think this answers the question. 212 have been caught out before setting expectations and then finding out things aren’t as easy as they thought and have had to delay the roll out of features. It is best they dont let us or the competition know their plans before ready. In the meantime we can buy dual listings or ADRs on exchanges we do have for popular foreign stocks.

We’ll see. I keep optimistic for them to give some more indication on the time-pad, not asking for a specific time and date here.