New Markets on the platform

Hi Everybody

This message is directly to the staff. I know that you are working to add the Italian market (but not happening soon due to restrictions of Borsa di Milano itself), I read that Canadian market is in the pipeline and somewhere I read of the Singapore SE? not sure.

I would like to know if you have an ETA of the upcoming markets in the platform, which ones and when. Of course I’m not asking for an exact date (unless you have it) but more a general ETA, for example something coming inn the next 3 months, something between 3 to 6 months and something between 6 to 12.



Hi @trading212_team, I now read another post where also the Australian market is in the pipeline.

Could you please give me a feedback on this post? Because I think it will be really appreciate by a lot of users.

Thanks guys for your work :v:

@Francesco We’re aiming to have all of the main markets like Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, etc… available by the end of the year.


Thanks @David ! Sounds really good.

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@David do we have any update on adding new main markets?

Thanks very much


@David can we also have timeline for OTC market.
I understand it was planned for Q2 this year.


Definitely interested in any possible updates for this also


I’m more interested in the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) - Polish Market. :crossed_fingers:t2:
With all the gaming stocks - European Silicon Valley.


Is the Portuguese market on the list? There are a couple of stocks very interesting.


I’m interested in EDP Renovaveis :slight_smile:.


It’d be interesting to get everyone’s views on the first market that Trading 212 should add. Hopefully, I haven’t missed any of the main ones. It’s Hong Kong all day for me!

  • Portugal
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Other

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To be honest, there are stocks on my “watchlist spreadsheet” or on my portfolio (with another broker) of all of them except Poland.

If I had to choose one only it would be Japan.


yes very interesting that one. maybe the most interesting on that market.

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It would be amazing to have Canada, Japan and Hong Kong market on the platform…
Look forward to it…
Can’t get enough of diversification …ahahah

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Japan is highest on my list, followed closely by Canada and HK

@David One good idea would be to add SPOL etf for people interested getting exposure to polish market

Copenhagen is the market I’m waiting for

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Yes, this is one I’m waiting for too

Vestas? :wink:
It’s also an interesting one.

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Yep, and Orsted for a long hold

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