Wish list of stock in our accounts

can we have a wish list in our account where we put the ISIN or the Ticker of the stock or ETFs that we want to see on trading212.
so that an IT process can do a lookup every day and if one of our wish list stocks or etf comes up we get notified. this is super easy to implement. i can do it myself if you like.
at present the way it works is rubbish. i dont want to look on a forum to see if out of 200 plus there is the one i requested. we live in the technology era…make usage of it or hire me as a developer :slight_smile:


But you don’t have to look through 200 stock requests. Just use the forum search function?

in IT we automate. is a simple process why should i bother every day or week to go an check. mah…

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This sounds like a brilliant idea.

I actually thought of doing something similar.

It would be much better inside the app and then T212 can collect the requests without sifting through the forum and then manually trying to search for posts that wanted it.

I also think its a great idea. It can help @Team212 better prioritise stocks and funds with the highest demand.

Of course. Has to be inside the app for each individual account. They should get me develop that thing… it needs overall redesign in many aspects. My view from an IT expert of course.