Withdrawal cards on app

Hi, I noticed that if you try to withdraw money from the web version it tells you in which card is going (and I assume if there are more debit cards on which you deposited money they let you choose as weel? This is not clear because I read that T212 decides where to send the funds and I read of customers being able to choose the destination card). While if in the app it doesn’t say anything about where the money is going.

So, would be possible to implement the informations on which card the money is going in the app as well?

And could I get a clarification on how exactly the withdrawal process works? Meaning you can choose which card to send the funds (as long as you used it for funding the account of course) or not?

Thanks in advance


You are able to choose a card to which the withdrawal will be sent, however, due to AML procedures the choice depends on the ratio and sums deposited with the different cards.

We are flexible, and if you have a specific request, please let us know, and we will offer a solution where possible. :v:


Hi Tony, thanks for the clarification. And good to know. :wink:

As for the difference between the website and the app (where all my doubts started) I can’t make a screenshot anymore because today I used a credit card to top up and now I have the choice in both the app and the web. But I’ll try: before with only one choice I would have had this message on the web telling me where the money were going:

While on the app I would have had this one saying nothing so not knowing where the money would have been transferred:

Now I’m gonna clarify why I say “without knowing where the money were going” even tho it can go to only one card:
Basically these months I used two cards to fund the account (both trough Apple Pay) and the one I used the most is my main card from my daily bank which is Dutch and here in The Netherlands the main cards issued by the banks are Maestro with only the IBAN and not the 16 digit numbers. So using Apple Pay I can fund the account with that card but I cannot use it to withdraw money.
I think this is really a particular problem that is not common (here in The Netherlands is the only place where I’ve seen their so called PInpass where you only have IBAN and no 16 digit numbers).

So going back to the “suggestion and ideas” is to see the card where you will be funded also in the app like in the web (even tho you only used one for example).

While for the card I can’t use to withdraw I assume is because of what I said before. But if you could confirm it would be great.

I hope I’ve been clear with what I meant. Thanks for your time.

So if I understood the case above correctly, then I’m afraid we can’t adjust it on our side as it depends entirely on Apple pay.

Apple pay is adding its own layer of protection (Device account number), and the actual card details are hidden. That Device number is one which you see in your account upon initiating a withdrawal. You can double-check in your Apple wallet which card the DAN is associated with:


Exactly. Using Apple Pay it bypass the fact the Pinpass doesn’t have a 16 digit number and the card can be used online, but on the way back the device account number it’s not accepted. In fact in my case the Apple Pay that I see is the DAN of the other card used by me which is a real debit card with an original 16 digit number.
As said before I think this is not a common case and cards like this I’ve only seen them here in The Netherland, that’s why here is popular iDeal as online payment (which you already support it, I just never used it so I don’t know if works to withdraw as well, I’ll try it for curiosity).

@Tony.V I have two cards linked. When withdrawing funds today, I withdrew money to my Mastercard. I then wanted to withdraw more money to my Visa card. However on the second withdrawal I didn’t get presented with any screen asking me to chose my withdrawal destination. Is this normal?

I didn’t get a notification e-mail about the second withdrawal either.

@obrienciaran Yes, it’s absolutely normal. Check the following:

If you have used multiple cards, our system will select one of them to send your funds to.

Due to AML precautions, our system automatically selects towards which card to send you the funds. Further details regarding the transaction in your account > History tab > Transactions.

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Cool thanks for the info.

Hi Francesco,

Can you please confirm if you were able to withdraw money into ur account using Apple Pay? I have the same issue in Germany (Apple Pay - IBAN Debit card)


Mate, you’re a star! My 1st post in T212 community forum (which is still waiting to be reviewed by T212 team) was this issue I had with withdrawing funds and not knowing where it’ll end up. Been trying to sort out and get clarification from their help team. It has taken up my whole morning and not much has come of it. So much delay just to get access to your own funds. Had to ask my bank to transfer the credit card balance to my current account which, I was told, would take another 4 working days.
Just checked through the web version to see if it allows selection. Looks like it does although I’ve deleted the credit card details on my end (T212 most likely still has my details).

Totally understand the AML policies as worked in a have worked in a compliance position but, if we’ve deposited larger sums via bank transfers do we not automatically have that option as it’s where the main funds came from?