Blocked card transaction

Hi I have a question I have send a transaction to my bank account but it got send to my old bank card (blocked card) I have deposit money from my new card details and I guess it didn’t save. How can we straighten this situation and how does the situation look? Will I get my money back on Trading212 or will go to my bank account or have I just lost my savings can anyone help me with this because I am worried and dont know what to do atm my bank is closed and I can’t call them also sent messages to trading212 team but no response.

money gets withdrawn according to source of deposit, so you need to contact T212 directly to have the old card removed from the system, not just blocked on your end. unfortunately only T212 can tell you any specifics regarding your situation. Try contacting a staff member via DM and see if you can create a ticket via the in-app/platform chat. @Team212

What is the change of me getting my money back and how long will it take to have my money back any ideas?

unfortunately I don’t know, sorry. I have only invested with a single (possibly 2 sources? not sure if I did a bank transfer once) source from a debit card for my main and active bank account of many years and as such haven’t yet needed to approach T212 about this issue to date.

Trading212 staff who can view the details associated with your account would be the only people qualified to guide you without accidentally misleading you.

I have contacted them but still no replay and im waiting but i dont know when will i get a replat