Wrong dividend amount

Has this affected our ISA contribution limit as well ?

I received information in the notifications tab, that the correct amount of HDLV dividend will be distributed on 6.07.

Hi Martin!
I had the same problem with VGOV yesterday. £1.68 per share instead of £0.0168. I can see that the amount (free funds) has been corrected but on my dividends page and VGOV history the incorrect amount is still shown which affects the overall dividend balance.
I also did not receive any communication from Trading 212 about this issue which is a bit worrying given the order of magnitude of the error (100x more than expected). I just wonder what would have been the case if it had been the other way around (100x less). I imagine it would not be very good publicity for Trading 212.
Many thanks and hoping for a reply.

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dividends don’t affect your contributions limit so you should be fine in that regard, the money was made inside the account effectively and not deposited by you from an external account.

having the excess money move out of the account won’t cause you any issues either.

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Exact same here. Hopefully div balance is adjusted

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Could the dividend history be updated to the correct amount (removing the faulty paid dividend from the list?) as it gives a wrong impression to the actual amount.

Minor problem, but would be nice if that could be fixed.


Unfortunately, it can’t happen at this point. However, pretty soon the whole dividend information will be much more comprehensive & intuitive.


However, pretty soon the whole dividend information will be much more comprehensive & intuitive.

Elaborate, please? Will withholding amounts and such be displayed or what could we expect?

Always wondered how that worked that’s great. If I sell a stock and reinvest the profit does it also not affect the amount?

Just think of it as it’s on Isolated account. You can do whatever you like within it. But once money is taken out of it-it’s out, and once put into it- it’s in. As long as you don’t deposit over £20,000 in a year you’re fine.

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That’s good to know! Thank you!

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Yes, the notification will contain information regarding the tax applied!