Dividend mistakes

I don’t want to cause alarm as I know a lot of these mistakes have been cleared up.

But our briscord community are repeatedly finding dividend payment mistakes (that are being corrected almost immediately).

As an example but I have plenty more.
Any chance you could explain what’s happening here?

Most importantly I’d be interested to know what happened with the recent iShares ftse 100 dividend payments and what, if anything, is needed to be done to correct it.



Totally agree here…dividend payments accuracy is super important…

most people they don’t want spending time investigate their dividend payments.

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Would someone also clarify where dividend payments are sent to? Are they re-invested back in the original stock or just held in portfolio? Apologies for going off topic, but saved creating another discussion for a simple question.

For info, I have a lot of investments and when dividends are returned (almost every month for me), I’ve never been able to pin down where the money is returned back to.

They appear in your free funds. Or in to the cash of a pie when that stocks was in a pie at ex-dividend date (when Auto-Reinvest is set to ON, otherwise they will be added to your free funds)

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Today, MDT dividend was distributed incorrectly, thus we’ve made an amendment regarding this payment. Initially, the distributed amount should’ve been 0.435$ per share.

We are distributing thousand dividends on a weekly basis & respectively, this is a process which involves multiple factors & specifications. Thus, very infrequently inaccuracy may appear.

Right now we’re working on a total overhaul of the dividend allocation process (speeding up the payments, a comprehensive dividend notification, etc.)


Thanks Martin!
That’s it, it feels like the dividend payments are being allocated manually and might be causing error.

I hope there’s a fail safe way of finding these errors, I was also hoping that a more automated system was being brought in.


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Looking forward to the new dividend allocation system, it will benefit us all… I still have not received STWD dividend(pay date was 15.1.), any clues to why? @Martin ?
btw I love your videos Paul :wink:

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Dividends are still delayed by a few days, even weeks in some cases!

Thanks mate!

Yes, but for my other US REITs(STOR and SRC) with the same pay date I received dividend 2 days ago… So it seems a bit random at the moment. Said that, I got the STWD dividend earlier today, all is good. I :heart: T212.

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Yeah. Honestly, it’s totally random.

With so many new clients and Tickers added in 2020, for sure they need some RPA, robotic process automation(software robots).
UiPath is one of the leaders in this field.

Can’t wait to buy their IPO.

The trouble is we never get to buy at the point the ipo goes live, so we don’t benefit from the initial gains

Only the institutional investors buy at that IPO price…
Us mortals, we don’t have a chance.