Your best stock in 2022

Would you please share with me , what was Your best profitable stock in 2022 , cheers :+1:

I think BP for me, +50% TTM.
I’ve just trimmed 1/3rd of my stake this morning.

Spot on, let me rephrase the question, what was your best 3, long term stock since the begining of 2022 ? Cheers

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Well, all my holdings are long term, but I will sometimes capitalize on price increases and redeploy my capital elsewhere.

Top three of 2022 would be BP, ExxonMobil (both of which I’ve trimmed 1/3rd today), at +50% and +45~ something (not inclusive of cash distributions), and 3rd would be either Aegon or Shell, not sure which is ahead. Probably Aegon.

Edit: just checked, Shell comes 3rd. Also trimmed this one 2/3rd today, but it isn’t a big position in my portfolio to begin with.

Edit2: these are still TTM, I currently don’t have the exact 2022 figures on hand.
Apparently for the year 2022, Exxon is leading at 80% and BP 2nd at 43% (excluding dividends).


Bank of Georgia bought last April in my isa. Sold for 118% (might have been 128%) gain a month ago plus 9.9% dividend.
The European bank of Reconstruction and talking bollocks said they would go into a recession due to the Russian INVASION of the Ukraine.
Normally on about 5.6% economic growth but jumped to 10.2%.
The Intial influx of Russians and Belarusians transferred vast amounts of euros and dollars to Georgian banks (10.2 billion ??) In one month. Up went the lara. Then we had the inflation (in Georgia a lot was due to the influx of Russians and Belarusians particularly in Tbilisi rents).
Now a days lot of emerging and frontier countries come down hard on inflation, they dont mess about. Georgias base rates are 11% and bank of Georgias lending spread is 5.6%.
But inflation has fallen from 10.4% November 9.8% December and 9.4% in January.
I doubt the Georgian monetary policy Committee will lower interest rates before inflation falls to 8% but more likely 7%. Before that happens the lari will start to fall in anticipation of interest rates being reduced.
I will buy back when actual interest are reduced.
The lari is up against virtually all currencies including the $. The fall will have quite severe effect on values. The dividends have been raised 25% this year but will worth less when the lari falls.

I also sold Georgia Capital (bought at the same time) for a miserable 18% gain. But i maintain a larger holding in my sipp bought at a later date its now up 18%. This is holdings company for a group of companies. It is basically the same as private equity. And on a 66% discount. The share price has not recovered post covid. It needs a catalyst to grow its share price. IE selling its companies off to trade buyers. Listing on the uk market doesn’t work.
In the meantime i need to keep an eye on the share price and the relationship with inflation/interest rates. I have reminders on my phone to check on the day that inflation rate is announced and when the monetary policy Committee announces interest rates I only hold it case that catalyst happens …and the 66% discount!
An aside buy backs are huge.


I also wanted to move lots of investment in my general account into my isa next april but they would have come to more than £20,000, so i bought most now and will use the money to buy…probably more private equity and some small investment trusts on big discounts and big dividends.
Some the investments i made were a good (lucky) choice. I have added to my 3i up 44% before (started buying in july)i added to it but still better than holding BGEO.
Also NBPE up 5% in a week but hasn’t moved since…lazy. (has a helluva a lot of vintage (mature) investments. HG capital in my general has done nothing. I may buy more, probably in trade 212 isa. Small dividend so not worried about the fall in dividend tax allowance next year but will be the following year. I should stress that i am only writing all this so i have somewhere to check what i am supposed to do to meet my plan. Which i will no doubt forget when i need to do it. Memory terrible.

At the end or near it he mentions Georgia Capital although the dick calls it an investment trust?

Not a particularly good year i sold out on Rio before christmas with an 18% profit.

ExxonMobil was the best performing for me.