🔮 Your 2023 predictions

What are some things that you think are likely to happen in 2023?

It doesn’t have to be just stock related.

You could suggest anything (for example, the end of the war in Ukraine, Elon Musk marrying Cathy Wood or chatGPT taking over this community forum).

If good suggestions emerge, we could create a poll with the best ones so even more people will vote.

:8ball: My take:

  1. Rate hikes would stop, and the market would end the year mostly flat; it would bottom during the summer and have a partial recovery by the end of 2023.

  2. Tesla’s share price will stabilise around $65-70. Don’t think there would be any splits.
    Musk will no longer be its CEO after it loses fame.

  3. Binance gets hit and collapses similarly to FTX. A lot of schemes get uncovered.
    This will mark the end of the crypto market as we know it.

  1. China / Russia relations turn for the worse and Putin is out.

  2. FTSE100 will outperform the S&P again.

  3. Inflation will peak.

  4. Growth stocks will normalise towards the tail end of the year after performing worse than value companies.

  5. People will continue to complain on this forum for features that were not there when they were happy to sign up.

  1. Sadly, Russia would mobilize more troops and win the war as the West will gradually abandon Ukraine, cracks already showing about sending tanks.

  2. UK government would do the “unthinkable” ie tax ISA accounts holders or reduce yearly allowance or both.

  3. High consumer and business defaults rates will create an environment leading to bankruptcy/bailout of at least 1 big bank within US or EU inclusive of UK.