Your suggestions/opinions regarding my pie

Dear members,
I am new to the investment. I have started in March, I need a lot to learn a lot. I have created two pies for investment 3 - 5 years. I hope you can give me your suggestions. I want to decrease my investments in USA and want to invest in Europe, China and Japan. I have just started, so please guide me. Of course I’ll do my research and will not act blindly on any suggestion but I really need a starting point. (value investment)

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@Joey_Fantana I am quiet fond of your posts, I hope if you can spare few minutes for my post.


Hi @StockRed

That’s very kind of you to say but also makes me a bit nervous in that I don’t want to put myself in a position whereby I could be at fault for any bad decisions you make. So I’ll try to keep my notes quite general;

  • Your value investment is a quick hit for me. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with any of the stock picks therein (barring the obvious two at the top) so not sure of your spread in terms of sector, scope for growth, if recovery stocks, etc. I really can’t offer much on this side. @Kali and @Vedran , you guys are ofay with European markets - any feedback?

  • With regards to your ETF/Trust pie, here are my thoughts;
    – Not familiar enough with EWI, what is the Trust’s focus? Does that overlap with SMT or BGCG? I’m guessing probably not given EWI is another BG vehicle, albeit there will be duplication of assets (there’ no way Tesla ISN’T in EWI :slight_smile:)
    – It’s very light, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I don’t particularly subscribe to the diversity is key belief system, but I would certainly put more emphasis on balance and hedging if minimising this way and if the few instruments I choose are very similar in their startegies
    –Eg. SMT and BGCG are both growth focussed. Not sure about EWI, but if that is also growth oriented, perhaps you want to consider a apportioning a small slice (10-15%?) to a value or commodity-based ETF, ETP or Trust, just so that you aren’t hit too jarringly should market sentiment shift away from growth too drastically - just a risk you should be aware of
    – The 60% weighting of EWI (again without knowing what EWI’s objective is) makes me wonder about your age, your attitude to risk, and your investment objectives. Why are you putting so much weight behind this Trust in particular? Just a question you should ask yourself really

Hope that helps.


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PS. Just looked up EWI and confirmed this is another growth focussed Trust. The performance speaks for itself, but just coming back to it as it emphasises my 2nd and 3rd points above a bit more.

I personally wouldn’t hold more than 50% of my folio - however small - in one asset, eg. I hold 12 funds/trusts in my SIPP. The largest holding is the BG American Fund, which accounts for 25% of the folio, and I review that annually.

But that’s just me. Your risk appetite and your strategy is yours. If you’re comfortable with it then don’t let me dissuade you.

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I am not familiar with those companies unfortunately, I mean not in the sense of stock investment.

Like I’ve done quite a few times my first buy recommendation will be “Intelligent Investor” by “Ben Graham” :slight_smile:


As you’re invested in BG I thought to share my Pie as well:

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And @libreus, I know we’ve discussed before but just for anyone reading’s benefit, you’ll need to be careful in that after January (if you’re UK-based) you won’t be able to continue to top BTCE up. So whatever allocation you have in there will be locked to any future investment.

I would just worry that a Regular Investment facility might continue to invest in an instrument that it shouldn’t be - hopefully T212 are on top of this ahead of the changes. @David can you confirm please?

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Thanks for pointing that out for others! :+1:t3:
P.s. I’m not based in the UK. :wink:

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Dear Joey,
Thank you for your valuable comments. Please let me tell more about EWI. Basically I want to move some part of my investments away from the USA. This is growth oriented stock and invests in the companies less than$5bn market capitalization. It is growth oriented and has a very good performance that’s why I have allocated it more weight. This is only my 10% of the investment, I have invested 90% in the S&P Infotec + Vanguard.

All investments

Hi thanks for sharing your pie. both pies are similar except
Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust & Bitcoin ETP (BTCE).

Thanks for your comment.

Regarding this all the companies are growth oriented, most of them are not profitable right now but they have good growth potential. Most of them will (more than) double their revenue within a year. They have good balance sheets, debt, interest all look good.

Gee, I think I would hit better throwing dart in the dark, then give advice on those picks.

I stay clear of Europe for the most part.

As long as is DD is done and margin of safety, risk/reward is acceptable, shouldn’t be a miss. :thinking:

There are a lot of value stocks in Europe, potentially more to choose from :wink: .

My portfolio has quite a few european value stocks (mainly UK, Spain and France) but I didn’t recognise many from the pie above.

Note: I had quite a few investments in mining stocks, so last weeks gains were not as good as expected for me. Made very large gains on the value stocks, but lost quite a bit on the gold miners. Still positive though.

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To keep it simple , I was/am mesmerised by amounts of information and tools available for US market.

Minor reason also, the dividend culture or lack of it in EU corporate.


Dammit, I was going to tag you too, but second guessed your folio!

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I got a few stocks from EU but they are not on this list :slight_smile:

PRX.AS, FAA.DE, NXPI, YNDX (counts as EU I guess) Adyen etc…

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Would you mind sharing your portfolio here?


Thanks a lot for the portfolio.

I have found your post European Technology / Growth stocks :slight_smile:

I have quite alot of holdings, and unfortunately with this month’s rises I think the ship might have already sailed on most of them (and I was left with some “ammunition” left…). For example, the financials such as Legal & General have soared this month.

Probably the ones that might still be of interest at current prices, in case that you want to research them further (please research before investing into anything) would be the following: BT, Iberdrola, IAG, Telefonica, Neurones (unfortunately this one is not available on T212), Nokia, Intel, Pan African Resources (This one I got the idea from @Scrooge_McCodf’s post: [Request] Pan African Resources - [LSE - PAF] but it will also depend on whether the price of gold goes up or down) and possibly Johnson & Johnson.

I don’t only have value, I also have some growth stocks that I believe will grow or that I think are good for the future of society, as well as ETFs. I also have a handful of small positions in small cap AIM stocks.

What kind of stocks/investents are you looking for?

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Temped to say drop Adidas for Under Armour