YouTube influencers in the UK and EU

This guy’s videos are more damaging to society than Covid-19. :joy:


Am not Roman btw, just find his videos interesting is all i can say

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Jeremy Financial Education, Meet Kevin also Paul “Everything Money” keep flashing their life style as millionaires but interesting keep flogging their courses. Everything money keep asking people to buy their useless analytical software which you could easily get it for free anywhere else, keep asking people to thumb up for triggering YT monetizing algorithm.

You just need to see their stock picks to understand whether they actually have a real skills in either trading or investing.

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Why people hate so much T212 ?
It’s been 2 months since I start using T212 and I love the app so far It’s so simple to invest ! But every time I talk to a friend or watch a random YTb video (for example if you type “Trading 212” in YTb most of the videos talk nonsense about T212) They are not happy with T212 but they don’t have any argument

You guys know why ?

EDIT: I’m French that’s why I got the chance to open an account:)

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In truth, the vast majority of their client base is at the very least pleased with their services.

But as always, the tree falling makes more noise than the growing forest; YT is a wonderful place for spite and conspiracies, T212 is no stranger to such critics there.

Same goes here; people are far more likely to post or comment about their unhappiness than just stating that everything is great and all is fine.

The general outcry you see is mostly selection bias.

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I tried my best at the time to argue against the FUD. Fortunately I don’t hear much of it these days

For people happy with the services, we may once in a while express ourselves against overwhelming negativity;

But keeping at it would make it a crusade, and why would we keep at it; we’re happy, it’s tiresome to just fight permanent stupid arguments from people trying their best at imagining new problems every day.


A bit like the anti-flat-earther people; it’s fun for a minute, but if you keep making it your whole life to debunk them, you’re not doing any better.

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If you want to be kept influenced by You Tube self proclaiming Financial gurus. Watch the recent videos from Everything Money and Jeremy Financial Education, meet Kevin. All of their videos have a lot of subscribers and they now belittle each other. Most of them if not all are just making money by selling their course, subscription, and YT monetizing algorithm.

I know from the beginning that both Jeremy Financial Education and Paul from everything money, Meet Kevin are both is Totally fake investment Gurus. Who are just flashing their lifestyle as millionaires with sport cars, holidays properties, etc . But It is very simple to see as they are not showing their real investment just showing the useless spreadsheet, using paper trading/investment. Also observe their stocks pick on their spreadsheet and how they are performing now.

Jeremy from financial education especially, there is no evidence that he has a good grasp of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. But similarly with Paul. Flashing their life as millionaires, properties in Bahamas, in the US, but selling courses, keep asking people to thumb up to trigger YT monetising algorithm his lawyer advice, is equally rubbish.

The best source of information is authoritative source which provide basic education about Fundamental and technical analysis that you could further developed yourself. I have named a few of them such as Peter Lynch educational series, Trading212, pepper stone, IG educational series. Also other YouTube financial channel such as CNBC, Yahoo finance, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business, etc

I have a full respect to Trading 212 they are very transparent what they could, will do and what they can not do. And above all they make investing / trading to be affordable to everyone. Just looks back to the old days when the investing platform are dominated by dynasour platform such as HL, Fidelity, etc. How much money they charge you to trade $10, $100, $100 in stock at a time ?? TBH, to me Trading 212 change my life that is where I start exploiting the beauty and mistery of investing, trading in addition to the major indices which I already have it for sometimes now.

If you could name other platform for investing/Trading using ISA tax wrapper better than T212 in term of fees, please let the forum know so we could explore as another alternatives.


Trading 212 don’t have any referal incentive at the moment.

Creating some clickbait headline gives the youtuber the clicks they want on their videos and also opportunity to earn kickbacks on referals to other platforms when they convince people to avoid T212.

Edit: for what it is worth, I currently use T212, Freetrade, MoneyFarm and InvestEngine.

T212 is the best. InvestEngine pretty good too but a bit simple for my needs (ETFs rather than individual shares, and also a loss making platform so risk of going bust is higher imo). MoneyFarm again is fine but managed funds are not what I want. Freetrade again serves a purpose to spread platform risk, but doesn’t really do anything I can’t do on T212.

And I have HL for my LISA. Expensive but serves a purpose.

All comes down to what you need - youtubers need you to click their videos and take their referals, they’re less concerned about your needs.

Edit2: In fairness, some of the tutorial/here’s my investing journey youtubers are more helpful. Above more linked at shock/clickbait types

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I’m pretty much the same as this - bagged the bonuses with MoneyFarm, Wealthify and InvestEngine. The one I like the most of the three is InvestEngine - it’s low fees essentially. For its fees of 25bps, you could easily buy a combination of HMWO/VWRL and a bond ETF, or pick one of the EUR LifeStrategy ETFs. Even with the 0.15% FX fee and 0.3% spread on the LifeStrategy ETF, works out cheaper than MoneyFarm/Wealthify in the first year for the 40/60/80% life strategy.

My long term plan is to consolidate, 212 and InvestEngine.

InvestEngine is totally free is it not? For ‘do it yourself’ anyway, I know there’s a management fee for their managed version.

Yes it can be free but I run the managed version for 0.25%

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I am wondering why? What value do they bring to you with the managed version?

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Hi everyone, based on the feedback provided I’ve updated my original post to include a summary of the recommended and not recommended YouTubers.

I haven’t included the channels of InvestorThoughts or TheNimbleNomad, because no one has recommended them yet - they added their channels here themselves (that is perfectly fine).

Obviously, there is a high level of subjectivity in the lists - feel free to comment, agree or disagree.

Am not Roman btw, just find his videos interesting is all i can say

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Thanks for clarifying you are not Roman, I already assumed that and added his channel in the “Recommended” section.

In this thread we discuss the YouTubers and their channels - no need to post three videos of the same channel in three separate posts. Suggesting them once is enough.

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Oh ok, my bad tho…and more characters

Haven’t posted in here for a while :smile_cat:

Show Notes

Wow. What an episode this turned out to be. Fracking, Hargreaves Lansdown, and Damien Talks Money. Only on this week’s PlayingFTSE Podcast!

Not much has happened this week. We’ve got a new Prime Minister, though. With Liz Truss taking charge, friend of the show Damien from Damien Talks Money is here to help us make sense of it all.

We’re starting off with energy. The new Prime Minister has announced plans to limit the average energy bill to £2,500 per year. Steve W’s heard that this is good for inflation – why?

After that, it’s on to the straightforward question of fracking. Damien wants to know what our regulars think of fracking. Steve D lives on a fracking site, Steve W doesn’t, and Paul isn’t sure. So who thinks what about getting gas out of the ground?

Next, we’re on to the real reason that Damien’s here. He wants to talk about awful investments that we’ve made in the past. Steve W once owned shares in a REIT – what went wrong there? Paul owns shares in a Russian miner – why? And Steve D invested in some businesses that went – which? Mostly, though, what’s Damien been unwisely putting his money into?

We finish with the news. Paul’s had a special offer from Hargreaves Lansdown. Steve W hasn’t, so he’s taking his ball somewhere else. And Steve D has the latest news on Freetrade’s seemingly-annual dilution of investors.

Only on this week’s PlayingFTSE!

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