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We just aren’t heavily moderated here. We’ve talked about a solution but can’t really figure it out without a lot of man hours

Still don’t get this point, is it a legal thing? What about plus 500 etc.?

True, been disappointed recently in some aspects. But that’s mainly on the CFD side.

I just think Trading 212 is way further ahead than Freetrade on many aspects. I find it hard to justify using Freetrade until they offer something of more value than Trading 212 does, but all I see is a nicer user interface really.

Thanks for the discussion :blush:

My 1 Year investing anniversary! Crazy year, doubled my money :money_mouth_face:

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Green screen makes a big difference. Good work man :+1:

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Really appreciate the feedback, good investment then! Video is flying so it really must have made a difference!

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Good to hear your latest vid is a lot more popular, I can see you are getting a lot more confident now which helps the flow.

Bit of constructive feedback though, you seem to be constantly be looking to the side, I assume to read notes / or your screen. I thought this was really distracting.

Oh and your going to need to show a bit more cleavage if you want to compete with panda boss lmao

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Thanks, I appreciate it, I think I should really get a seat lol, think it would make it more informal. I don’t actually have a chair really other than a foldable one :joy:

Yeah, usually it’s right in front of me, so not as noticeable but because I moved I haven’t got the same set-up. I don’t have a script, just notes, what I really need to do is look, pause then talk, because a lot off he time I start talking as my head turns or look for my next note before my sentence ends. Just a hard habit to break. But thanks, good to know that other people notice it too.

You’ll need my only fans for the cleavage, I’m not putting that out there for free!


Great to see you improving Cavan, a small visual tweaks would be to adjust your camera white balance to around 3200k (tungsten balanced) so then your face will have a more natural rather than orange look. Keep up the good work, this is just me be pedantic as video is my job haha.

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It’s actually the lighting, usually use a balanced colour, but because I was using the white room light for the green-screen and the key light was further away from me because of the new set up I went full orange, but I’ll tone it back down see if it looks more natural. Thanks for the feedback, always appreciate it.

Yes colour temperature is all about the lighting.
Ideally you would light a green screen and yourself with same colour temperature of light, however if you can’t then adjust camera settings so white balance matches the light on the subject (you) as the green is keyed out anyway so slight colour shifts with lighting not as big an issue. Finally if you cant adjust colour temperature (not sure why anything even phones can do now) and its stuck on 5500k or something (making your current bg light white and subject light orange) then switch lights around so you are lit with cooler/white light.

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Hi all,

Please have a look at my investing goals for 2021 in the attached link.

Let me know how yours compare.



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Made another portfolio update showing by biggest gains over 2020. Any feedback on the vid is greatly appreciated :+1:t2: