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YouTube is absolutely full of advice, (some of the people are so young too, i don’t think i even knew what word dividend meant in my late teens, early 20’s) lots of investors etc, most seem to be totally fixed on dividend investing i think. Do you find the videos really helpful, do they have any influence of your own investing?
Are there any that are really good to follow, for advice etc.

Thanks once again…

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YouTube here. I watch a lot of YouTubers too. The whole point isn’t to get direct investing advice per se, but more to see other people’s viewpoints and decisions, and to learn a few things. My channel is all just to document my journey and to share my knowledge and experiences along the way, and is no way saying what the right way is… because there really isn’t any right way.
But yes, As a Gen Z I like absorbing a lot of information and videos are just what entertain me the most, which is why I choose it. I like personality.
Just watch out on biases and those who have other motives. Just use it to give you a more informed decision of your own investing strategy and try watch some people who try to go against your views. And don’t listen to people who constantly try to sell you something. They don’t have your interests in mind.
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I watch a lot of YT investment channels. Before I invest I make sure I watch some negative ones. But most of all look at the fundamentals of the business. If you don’t know about this read ‘The Intelligent Investor’ then use some of the analysis websites to make it much quicker. You can try them out using a free trial e.g. Simply Wall Street, Gurufocus. If it’s too much work and cost then get a mutual fund with a good track record and you’ll be doing better than you would in the first couple of years anyhow! Failing that, buy Tesla and hold for 5 years. {Warning: I am not a financial advisor}.
p.s. I respect the work and level-headed approach in the videos done by Tom Heavey. A great place to start your research.


Youtube is full of excellent and valuable resources. Just avoid the idiots that claim they can teach you how to make thousands each month :roll_eyes:. It is good to learn from YouTube as part of your research which should include other sources like books or internet resources.

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The problem with dividends, especially in today’s market, is that they are holding back the stock growth of companies who have them too high. Dividends are a great bonus but you should focus more on the company value, track record and P/E ratio as part of your long term decision.

With YT channels, be aware that some are just herding for their investments. There;s one channel where the guy posts his investments onscreen the entire time and comes across as quite the herder. One video he brags about investing £10k, but I noticed he had a 0.0035% return rate, massively below market. These types are yet to prove themselves on the market and aren’t fit to advise anyone, but make money from their channel because they have a nice set piece.

If you follow anyone, find people who can show results or have a proven background. Don’t be a sheep; do your own RESEARCH on your investments. Nobody cares about your money as much as you so learn how to research anally before you invest.

If you want some media help, get an audiobook of ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Ben Graham. It’s a little out of date with modern investment options, but what it teaches you about how to think as an investor is very relevant and will be more worthwhile to you then most of these YT feeds.

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Great advice,
Thank you…

But I can make you thousands each month… It’s called a job. :moneybag::moneybag::ok_hand:

A job is good for a season. It pays the bills​:wink: But I don’t want a job any more I want my money to work for me so I can play golf whenever I want :slightly_smiling_face:. T212 is part of my solution to freeing myself from the shackles of a job.


Oh of course, I was just joking about your comment of the “I can make you rich in 1 month” scams :grin:

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Long Term it seems better to have Companies that Proritise Growth but also pay a little bit of Dividends back. (About 2 to 3% Yeild and a 30 to 50% Payout Ratio).

It is good to have Dividends but you want those companies to make Profits and Reinvest as well so you can get better returns on your Investments.

I’ve found YouTube videos really good for explaining the theories and mathematics (Sharpe ratios etc kind of thing) as animations help so much for visualising.

But I’ve not watched any that try to give advice on markets/what to do as they all seem to just be selling get rich quick schemes in order to bump views. Their money is coming from selling the videos rather than the investing of you understand me.

This may sound a silly comparison but for gardening/organics on YouTube theres a lot of bad advice as the top youtubers are picking techniques that work best visually on screen but not in real life (and often subtley changing things between videos)

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no :slight_smile:

I am gonno go off a tangent here and offer my probably unpopular opinion.

Educate yourself enough to be able to judge if a strategy broadcasted is legitimate and fits your risk profile. Then you can watch youtube(rs) for strategy. Otherwise watching someone who is (probably) just slightly more informed than yourself with visual aids can easily lead you into a path/stock you don’t really want to follow. I guess un-opinionated educational videos are fine. (i.e what is a long iron condor?)

I don’t know how young/old you are but I think everyone who remotely considers trading should read Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham, and Irrational Exuberance Bob Shiller.

Rich dad poor dad by Kiyosaki will hammer the idea about educating yourself about finance while rudely pointing out the differences between classes.

If you want to read about dividends, “The Single Best Investment” by Lowel Miller is probably the best one despite being old.

Yes I am a dinosaur, I don’t own a kindle still buy hard cover books, and use youtube to watch LPL Vods :man_shrugging:


Example of youtuber to avoid :slight_smile:

I’ve worked with trading floor on two major investment banks in my career and TA is overall something frowned upon or made fun off

Be aware that the types of people who can get by with 1-3% returns are those with a lot of money to invest (rich parents) so 1% on a £200k investment of Daddy’s money is a win for them. I find those posters with the fancy cars and big houses really annoying as they present a life that they haven’t earned from starting with nothing. It’s misleading to those who need to do just that.

It’s important to set you own realistic goals. If you can invest wisely and walk away with 6.5%+ annual returns, then you are beating the market. It doesn’t matter if you invest £1 or £1m, it’s the return rate that determines if you are a good investor. A lot of the channel hosts don’t present the return figures because they don’t have this, but I guarantee they are making money from their channels, hence the adverts every 3 minutes.

Too many YT hosts just focus on the wins now the loses, because they want viewers/subscribers. If I ever get round to making a YouTube channel, I’d make a point of showing my returns as a point of credibility. Hosts putting up rules about never selling red, chasing the momentum, scalp the runs, short the stock; they won’t win. The market is too volatile and unpredictable.

Great feedback as always.

Any body watch the “clean trader” views?
Seems very knowledgable.


It’s a lot easier to chase a 50 dollar momentum rise when you can afford a whole bunch of the 500/1000$ shares :frowning:

I had a little gamble on nvidia made 10 quid! On my 0.something share :joy::joy:

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I watch a view for a general opinion that even state that their opinion is not gospel advice and seem down to earth.

I then research the Companies myself just to see if their information is correct or not accurate to make my own decisions.

All Stocks are a risk regardless and it is up to ourselves to look into the financials anf using that experience to take the plunge.

Do NOT watch YTers with Fancy Cars and a House as they tend to not know much and simply brag.

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Thank me later. :joy:

Not to paraphrase a certain movie franchise, but doesn’t matter if you win a million or a pound, wining is winning. Someone who gets 25% return on a £/$10 investment, compared to someone who wins 1% on a £/$250 investment, walks away with the same money, but who’s the better investor? The goal is always about the rate of return and people with too much money tend to be more likely to lose it than those with less but are more cautious.