Does anyone use zacks ranks? Know if it’s any good, seems expensive $25 a report unless subscribe not checked price but my personal opinion is they don’t give correct advice ??

Zacks scores seem to be geared towards short term (1-3 months), but other than that it is expensive so I haven’t tried it past the free trial

To expensive, I haven’t found any website company or investment advice firm that actually gives good info, if anyone on t212 uses the motley fool. I don’t know you make money, they contradict themselves in the same day haha

I prefer losing my money by following Twitter recommendations… at least that’s free


That is so true :joy:

would you please like to share some interesting twitter handles

@themotleyfool :joy: haha

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Trading view has the best tools you can use for free. Remember these are just tools you can use to help you implement your trading or investing strategies. I have tried using it via their free trial and had very good results. However, they are limited to US stocks and most of them are not yet available on Trading 212. Trading view is global so much better. Also the ranking system is geared for short term of 1 to 3 months so not ideal for long term buy and hold strategies. Ultimately, how you use it will determine your success. If I had mega bucks to invest I probably would consider paying but for now Trading view does just fine.

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Well of course kind Sir

I could share a couple, but in this busy world I found less is truly more (and most these twitter traders follow and get ideas from each other anyway) so I’ll share the very best

On Twitter the one and only @ThiccTeddy

On Reddit I follow a gentleman called u/PradoMV96 who has great DDs

On youtube Ziptrader’s ravishing weekly and monthly Top Stocks videos

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that’s very funny :smiley:

I’m sure I’m stating the obvious, but I use these as a starting point or inspiration if you like, not as investment advice

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It’s fairly well documented that the Morningstar subscription content is substantially better than the free stuff they offer as a hook. I’ve got some good ideas from Morningstar before, but I wouldn’t pay for their content, helpful as it’s been to me.

I don’t use news sources for my news lol. If you know about your stuff MSM is fake. So they lie to you, they tell you stuff that there definitely not doing.

Of course they do. Most of the people on MSM have their own interests to promote. And if they don’t they can be cajoled into talking up or down stocks one way or another for the right price. But I don’t think anyone on here is buying stuff just because a talking head said it… Are they?

Haha the way everyone jumps on spacs I think some do haha

Have been using the motley fool for 10 years and been successful ever since. Massive difference between their free articles (haven’t read any of them in the last 5/6 years) and their paid material.

Zacks is a waste of time and money. They are approach is short term and in my opinion and experience does not work at all.