Stockopedia Users?

Anyone out there using this platform at all?

I’ve kicked off a free trial but immediately found some fundamental bugs in their Folio section. Have raised with them but if anyone here uses them already would appreciate if I can pick your brains on a couple of things please.



Did you find that stockopedia was a valuable tool?

I do, but very overpriced.

I find I get the most use out of it for;

  1. Folio tracking, which in the absence of taxation reporting docs from 212 is helpful
  2. New updates on stocks I own/follow
  3. Insider and Institutional ownership
  4. Fundamental data and comparison tools

But like I say way overpriced. I’m not likely to renew my membership next year. Asking for X amount for UK stocks coverage then asking for X amount more for US coverage, another X amount for European coverage… HK coverage, ASX coverage, and so forth, is just a bit of a cheek and I look forward to giving that feedback when I cancel next year.

You’re paying for convenience as all of the info is out there for free, it’s just not packaged and bundled up nicely the way Stockopedia has it.

I’d recommend the free trial to see what you get out of it, but you can get for a fraction of the price.

Is the scoring system not helpful on it?

Does simply Wall Street also have this?

Yes and no. Depends what I’m looking for from a stock, as their scores are derived from the fundamentals, not so much the sentiment, so certain growth stocks that are in their early days might be classified as Sucker Stock or Momentum Traps, which is a good warning, but in truth they might just not have enough fundamental data to form a more realistic ranking.

They’re also a bit slow on ascertaining scores for IPOs and I’m talking months after the event, which can be frustrating.

I take their scores as a guideline keeping in mind my aim for that stock, whether it be long term investment, swing trade or short-to-mid-term hold.

Thanks for the info! Simply Wall Street does look interesting.

I’m still pretty new as I’ve previously said so being able to apply the information will come better in a few books/months time.

Does the 19 a month for stockopedia only cover one market then?

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Yeah that only covers UK I’m guessing. I did the annual charge so not sure what the monthly bill is.

That’s nonsense. Prices themselves out of a lot of customers!

Yeah it’s crazy, mate. I took it out for convenience and because given my line of work I can justify it as a business expense through my Ltd Co.

That’s decent. What is it you do out of curiosity?

Business Analyst.
… … … …

Just signed up after seeing your post. Geez a lot to take in and getting a bit lost! Need a few more days to read over everything they send in and on their site.

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Yeah there’s so much information there it can give you analysis paralysis in an instant.

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do they have an app? i couldn’t find it somehow

They certainly do on Android. Not sure about iOS. Can’t remember if I found it via a link on their platform but that sounds familiar…

couldn’t find the name on App store. Their website doesn’t make it clear either if they’ve got an app or not…

Ah, not strictly an app per se, but accessing the site via your mobile browser you can add it to your homescreen;

Ah I see.

What do you get the most out of it so far?

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I guess this is it then?