Zoom info stock

When is this going live? Also can I set a limit buy or have I got to hover about ?

@David? Thx in advance!

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Zoominfo from $41!!!

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Hmmm bit too dear for me lol I’ll give this one a pass :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wanna see who is not :slight_smile:

howcome it says $20 ipo on google could it of doubled?

Keep an eye as i think it might drop to around that range if it doubled as soon as went live, i missed it so i dont know

Maybe, from the time the IPO goes live to when T212 has the shares up for sale, the price could have gone up or down. There will always be a bit of a time lag I think.

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I really hate that me haha, should be able to place some sort of lock in order until it goes live. Guess its how the game goes but yeah haha

“ZoomInfo’s stock opens at nearly double the IPO price”

https://on.mktw.net/2Bz5WMX Maybe not a T212 thing after all lol jsut demand for the shares!

No way, I seen an article about high demand, that is crazy, i still think will drop back around 20-25 but well see

Is the hope people get this confused with Zoom? :joy:

David posted the answer here in reply to another user. In short, it’ll show when it shows! :raised_hands:

Was added yesterday. Seems to have a price now though.