212 mentioned in Sunday Times

Others might enjoy this positive mention of Trading 212 in today’s Sunday Times. Lucky HL does not run a community forum like this for their clients. Imagine the outrage.

Sadek Salam, 45, a landlord from southwest London, said: “I hold Tesla shares on two different platforms. On the 212 platform [a trading app] I was able to sell on the Tuesday at $501. But by the time I could trade on Hargreaves the price had fallen to about $400 and I didn’t want to deal at that price. If other platforms could provide their customers with access to the shares on Tuesday, why couldn’t Hargreaves?”


and this is with HL charging percentage based annual fees plus 10 pounds per trade and a FTSE 100 company.

yet another sign of

  • FTSE100 is deadweight in any portfolio
  • people acting privileged in this forum for the slightest of things are funny

“This is the first broker I have ever used and it’s free but I expect it to better than every other broker out there. Not good enough. Maybe when Robinhood gets here it will be better. Robinhood has never had a problem.”

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I think Sadek Salam will take his words back when one of his stocks here decides to merge or demerge, or will ask shareholders to vote on things via proxy. Or waiting for months for some micro cap stocks to be added after requesting multiple times.

Not trying to deramp, its a great app to start your investment journey with. But plenty of massive limits as described above. In the end, you get what you pay for, in this case its £0.

No excuse for HL though, I would be billing them for that f up

Didn’t Robinhood recently say they won’t be focusing on the EU market for the foreseeable future?

I was being facetious.

The people that say that make me laugh. They have the same problems as any other broker, especially downtime 🤷

Sarcasm levels are high in this one. :trolleybus: