RDS.B Dividend 7 working days late?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have received their RDS.B dividend payments for this Quarter. Mine are still not paid (7 working days know since 16.12).

I’m new to T212, does it usually take that long? I have used other brokers and the dividends arrive in a day or two after the payment-date. :sweat_smile:

Now 12 days no info ???

Hello, any news on RDS.B dividends. They were paid on the 16 and I still have not received anything…

Any info on the RDS.B shares. The pay date was December 16. I bought my shares way before ex-div date and still nothing.

212 have been quite late with all dividends, wait a few more days, perhaps more since its holiday season. they eventually arrive at some point

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I received mine on the 22 of December. Are you sure you held the shares before Ex Dividend date?

Yes I own the shares since 1st of November. And I know people got their dividends. That’s why I am confused what is taking so long…

@David can someone look into this for Ivan?

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@bgFlame We’re having difficulties with this stock specifically (the ADR). We’re working on resolving it ASAP.


Thank you for the answer. I hope it gets fixed ASAP. What exactly is ADR (I’m oblivious to some of the terminology)

@bgFlame The dividend has been distributed.