3x Appl bug? Can you fix this?

Why is this diference?

Looks weird indeed. Have you tried to restart your app or something ?
I can’t read the language of your app.
What does it say about profit ?
Do you see a discrepancy as well ? (that’s what matters really :slight_smile: )

Hello @Portocala, this result is estimated on the indicative sell price of the instrument, which might get decreased substantially due to bloated spread - making your profit appear lesser. The actual Bid price can only be seen on the execution of the sell order.

It was like this 10 minutes… i can’t belive at 49.00€ i have 17.47€ profit and when the stock price was 49.01 (with 1 cent more) i had only 3.71€ profit and it was 3.71€ like 10 mnutes

Just open your app in your language go to a stock that you have buy and translate .:rofl::+1:

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Problema s-ar putea sa fie din diferenta dintre Bid si Ask.
3xApple e doar un istrument financiar nu sunt actiunile companiei Apple si au volume foarte mici.
Pretul actual de vanzare il vezi in momentul in care apesi pe Vanzare.

Sper sa te ajute.
Cu stima

How come haven’t I thought about it before ??

Mulțumesc frumos! :grin::+1: