Profit calculation?

Hi there

How possibly, that instead of profit it make minus and take my money away

MKTY this did twice
I buy it for £2.66
And then I put on sale for £2.86

And where my profits for both transactions!!!???

Then I buy again

You have the words buy next to £2.86?

  1. So you bought at £2.66
  2. You bought some more at £2.86
  3. You sold some at £2.61
  4. You sold some more at £2.57

If you are going long then if the BID is less than your average you’ll be selling at a loss.

The £2.61 and £2.57 less than you bought so I can’t see how you would be in profit?

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According to your photo you should be 0.34 on minus so from where do you expect profit?


No Sir

I did see clearly what I’m doing.

  • I bought it at 17:56 (£2.66)
  • Then I sold it at 18:27
    with visible profits (£0.14)
    But system show me that I sold it for ( £2.61 ) with result (-£0.15)

Then I buy it again, because I was wandering to get more profit

  • buy at 18:27 ( £2.86 )
    And once I bought it it shows (£0,09 of profit)
  • I sold it at 18:34 to get profit, but system sold it just for ( £2.57 ) and fix -£0.19 as result!

So, they definitely stolen my money. And now I get letter from Trading 212 that they have trouble, that some one make clone of this App, :joy::joy:
So, what does it mean!?!
Time to say on YouTube that trading 212 created a specially to still money from us…?
And to avoid any responsibility they want to say, it was not we, it was clone .

:rofl::rofl: how stupid need to be to believe to this children excuse!?

What price where you looking at when you sold? Were you looking here (purple circle)?

I assume you aren’t looking at the BID when selling.

The fact you said you sold and bought at 6:27pm and got difficult results makes me think you were just looking at the ASK

It’s tricky without seeing the FX impact. It would easier to see if you attached the actual transactions. I’m guessing at around 1.34 but remember that’s FX is always moving. If you click on Return it’ll drop-down to show the gain/loss and FX impact on an instrument you hold a position on.

2.86/2 * 1.34= ~1.92
2.57/2 * 1.34= ~1.71

Take the 34p loss as a learning experience. It’s worth looking up bid-ask spread, and learning a small bit about trading before you jump to accusing of stealing.

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Can you show such letter?

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What I see know

They avoid my order to sale , twice!!!
TMT have best growing today, I asked 212 to sale it, but, they just cancelled it !! And did not put it in history, just like I did not asked for that!!!

You aren’t guaranteed an ASK when buying or the BID shown when selling, they are indicative. Use a limit order to specify, however it’ll only ever fill if it can get that price or better.

Also there no guarantee that you’ll get the other half of the deal. So depending on liquidity it might be instant or could take days.

The key issue however is when selling you need to look at the SELL price (the BID). Scroll down a bit more.

Also if you are buying in a currency that’s different from your own then theres is going to be a FX impact. In this example pound VS dollar like yours.

Basically just look at return if it’s green you are in profit. If you toggle it down it’ll show both how the share price has affected it and FX.

Look, you’re making a lot of claims, but you haven’t considered that you’re trading extremely low liquidity stocks. One is an over the counter and the other is an LSE AIM. The buy price you see on the graph will be a fair bit higher than the sell price. On top of this, the number you see when you sell is not the price you can sell at, so if you placed a market order it could have sold at a much lower price because of the poor liquidity.

You’re refusing to consider what @phildawson took the time out of his day to calculate for you, which is very disrespectful. He’s trying to help you, we all make mistakes at the start. But you’re refusing to accept that it was your fault, and claiming Trading 212 stole from you with absolutely no evidence other than a couple of useless screenshots. If you want us to check it out for you shows us full transaction history, or email Trading 212 to show you the calculations


I’m not complaining
I said the facts

Now I did record the video how trading 212 switching off the SELL option, and does not give any chance to fix the real big profit!

You do everything to make this video to be downloaded in YouTube for others
And it’s not complain, it’s that how you as a broker trite the people :laughing:

Then more money you still then more “complaining” you get


Market dot com😉

I would find it very amusing to see you post a youtube video about your problem.

everyone here is a community member trying to advise you in where you messed up.

It’s not customers have to help each other, it should do Customer Service.
So, where any phone number of Trading 212??
This is registered by the government, so why not any standard customer service??

No one want to take responsibility for stealing money :moneybag:

Why TMT tool doesn’t late fix my profit!??

Because it winner of growing?

  • doesn’t let me fix my profit

Where you see messing up, then selling order switching off it self?

Are you for real? We’re helped numerous times in this thread understand how you sold for a 34p loss with the BID below your average.

You have just accused them of stealing without any facts.

You are now talking about turning off a SELL option which is nuts. I know there’s an obvious language barrier here but you aren’t making sense.

Can you please share this video so we can see what you are referring to?

If there is a genuine problem then T212 will compensate, however it appears to me you are very new to trading and don’t fully understand what’s going on.

Your posts are making you seem unhinged. You need to be more specific than doesn’t let me fix your profit. That doesn’t mean anything, to us customers or staff helping you.

I know that you not community, you are a broker.
It’s need to be an idiot to believe that customer try to help each other and trying to be a IT engineer,
It’s funny

No one else see this topic
Except you as a brocket and me as a customer

But on YouTube will see millions
So, fix TMT SALE button ASAP,
and don’t make mess up,
to push me to download video’s to show others,
that they have to take money out and run a way from 212

It’s not my business if some one believes in stories like this.
So, I don’t disturb your business you will not disturb my one. And we both happy.

Then your choice

Add screengrabs of the issue or even better a video. Then describe what the issue is in Russian, we can Google translate it.

“TMT SALE button ASAP” doesn’t mean anything.

I made video, but it can not download here :thinking:

Link to the video, I assume it’s on YouTube?

Can you explain in Russian here what the actual issue is? Are you saying the button is missing from the interface, or you can’t put an order in, or is it not being executed etc