Rumourrrr on stocks

Heard a rumour of nio and plug power coming together for some deal, not financial advice just word I’ve heard… if I’m wrong I’m wrong I’m passing on the message


From whom did you hear?

Couple sources, but twitter also

NIO is gonna pump :slight_smile: hopefully lucking gets back on also as both are primed to moon!!

Nio is definitely but what would be crippling is a second wave, rocky roads ahead

im in from 7.14 watching covid closely as I’ve a coffee shop and refusing to open it with second wave on route from holiday makers so if I spot it im cashing in and shorting it for the ride down lol

Let us know haha your on the frontline! I think there’s gna be a second wave to but I don’t wanna sell none of my holdings haha! Id rather hold and keep buying :thinking:

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its grim for my business but unreal for trading prospects

I can imagine man, what’s your coffee shop called? Get on the LSE! :joy: haha

I do indeed lol Its called “Oh Fork”

hope some loaded up on this