Account activation after almost a year of trading?

I have been trading for almost a year, and a couple of days ago I received a message that I need to activate the account, ie send proof of address. I sent it and got a message that my account is now active and I can start trading?

So far I have not withdrawn money, but it occurs to me that I could have requested a withdrawal and found out that my account is not active? Maybe withdrawal is possible without account activation, I haven’t tried.

@Team212 customer care team.

@Darko Yes, this is a standard procedure. Check the following:

Feel free to reach our team using the Live chat so we can further assist you.

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Thank you Tony, it’s not unusual that broker asks for an additional document, just when you trade for a while and receive e-mail from T212 starting with “Thank you for opening a Real Account with Trading 212. You’re just one step away from your first trades.” the first thing that comes to mind is some kind of database problem. But other than being a little confusing, no problem. :+1:

Oh, I see what happened here & it will be fixed. Thanks for sharing it! :pray:

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