Use 2 pies to allocate more than 100%?


Firstly I’m new to investing. I’m wishing to use the auto invest feature in my S&S ISA to avoid investing manually each month. To do this I understand I have to create a pie, which I’ve done with several ETFs. However, if I want to increase the percentage for one ETF but I don’t want to reduce another to keep the pie at 100% what should I do? I assume create another pie and move the ETF I want to increase into it but then I have to fill the rest of the percentage to make that pie 100%!?!?

Is this the right way or is there a better way? :slight_smile:



I think I understand what you mean, but I am not entirely certain how to address it in a clear way.

Let’s just keep it to one pie, but this also applies to your entire portfolio, pies or no pies.

Your total allocation will always be 100%; if you want a higher weighting on a certain asset, then necessarily the other asset will be relatively smaller.
It doesn’t mean that you have to sell or lower your absolute allocation (ie. how much money is already invested in it), but its relative allocation to your portfolio will be smaller.

If you don’t hit Rebalance right away, your future deposits will get invested with the new allocation, allowing you to grow the higher-weighted asset more quickly than the lower-weighted one, and you won’t have to sell any of it to keep on your set targets.

Does that explain it?

Oh and, welcome to the community!

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Hi @Zergui,

Thanks for the welcome and apologies for the delay in replying.

Likewise I think I’ve understood you also and follow that 100% is the max no matter how the weightings change. I like the pie because it’s organised and allows the auto investing that I don’t think you can do without a pie?

With respect to what I was trying to do I have since altered the percentages of the pie and am pleased that that doesn’t result in the need to buy/sell parts of the assets etc. Also I purchased more of some assets, which I now realize was effectively the answer to my original question :slight_smile:

However, that’s caused something I don’t understand. While the “Invested” amount and asset values under “Investments” are correct (website view) the “Holdings” values in my pie that I purchased more of are not correct. I would have expected both “Investments” and “Holdings” values to be the same or am I not understanding the pie again!? :wink:

Many thanks.

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You can hold assets within and outside of pies, also in multiple pies.

I think you’ve meant that you have manually purchased more assets; those would be part of the whole portfolio, like the pie is, but not part of the pie itself.

In the Holding section of the pie, at the bottom of the list, you have access to more control to “Import shares”; there you can select your manual investments and add them back into the pie.

Hi Zergui,

The previous post answers my question so I’ve marked it as the solution. In short the percentages were where I kind of got confused but really I just needed to manually purchase the assets and then add them to my pie with the import button.

Many thanks.

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