AeroCentury Stock


Looking for a bit of advice, as new to investing and have a small portfolio at present… I was looking at AeroCentury and it looks like I dodged a bullet as I was just “looking” and thankfully being over cautious. It’s dropped 80% today…

My question… Does anyone think it’s a good time to buy now at $8.89 or still a massive risk?

Thank you.

Still a massive risk. It’s a pump and dump play.

You have dodged a bullet not chasing.

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Cheers Phil, appreciate the reply! :+1:t4:

With all those positions showing in top winners section, where thay gain 50-1500% a day is very very tempting, especially to very novice traders.
Key is not to get emotions ahead of you. Easy gain also means equally possible in this case easy easy loss. The outcome is almost binary.
My tip is that you educate yourself on finance in business to at least understand components of balance sheet, do a lot of reading about business you want to invest to.

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Thanks Chris, good advice which I will follow up on.