$AGNC - Dividend still not received (payout date : 10/11)

The Dividend stock $AGNC has 29/10 as ex dividend date.
On 26/10 and 27/10, I purchased some shares.

Payout date was 10/11.
But today, on 13/11, I still did not receive the dividends.

As this my first dividend on this platform:

  • should I be concerned ?
  • can someone from the TR212 team check / confirm if you already received the dividend ?
  • any other idea why it is not visible on my account nor history?

Thank you in advance for you comments :slight_smile:

Thanks Alien; I has already read this link. And I think understood it.
Byt the way, the sentence “For Invest/ISA accounts, dividends will be paid a few days after” is quite vague…
So, how does it apply to me ? We are now 3 days later.

So my main and first questions to the TR211 people are:

  • did TR212 receive the $AGNC dividend payment ?
  • If yes, how comes that 3 days later, the dividend is not yet on my acount ?

Hello @Centrino,

As @Alien correctly mentioned, it may take a couple of business days after the official pay date for the dividend to be distributed to your account. As for AGNC in particular, the dividend will be distributed to the eligible accounts by the end of today.


Great news Peter!
I was a bit unsecured; because it will be my first dividend on TR212. And I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a piece of configuration or a signed document in order to receive the dividend.
Now that you replied about AGNC, I’m relieved that all is fine.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile: