PBA : dividend not received on 22/12 (payout date : 15/12) [SOLVED]

The question is in the title.
Is it normal that we are today 22/12, i.e. 7 days later.
And that the dividend is not yet visible on my account?

Thank you !

It’s usually within 3 working days, so it’s slightly delayed.

I’ve never seen a dividend not be paid so just wait a bit longer and it should come through :blush:

Also check you owned before the ex date. Owning on or after this date means you’re not entitled to the dividend.

Should be out day or two, usually it lands between 17th-21st of the month. Just let it DRIP.

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Indeed I already observed delays with other dividend stocks here on TR212.
But OK, I’ll wait another 5-6 days.
Can I then report the problem in this post if the payment does not arrive?
Can a person from the TR 212 support team then check if there a problem?

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Landed, however was classified as RoC, strange as PBA is not MLP, always received as Ordinary dividend. Same Witholding tax however.

Indeed it arrived this morning :slightly_smiling_face:
Good news !
I think that the tax retention is 25% for Canadian stocks. Vs 15% for US stocks.
But maybe I’m wrong…