Alerts When Market Opens & Closes

A simple request - an alert for when a market opens and closes. Customisable so we can have alerts for the US but not the UK and vice versa.

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Guess the reason this hasn’t been done is it’s really easy to do with your phone.

You also, sort of know when it’s open and closed the longer you do it.

Yeah sure it’s easy enough but countless apps have reminder functions that could be replicated by your personal todo/calendar app, I’d just rather not have a “stock market opens” reminder clogging it up each day. It’s very easy to lose track of time when you’re working hard on something so a simple reminder might ensure you check on things after the after the opening bell.

I guess I don’t understand why you’d need this. If you’re a daytrader you should be on it anyway.

If you’re not you shouldn’t care whether you’ve remembered the opening bell or not.

I remain unconvinced, I feel I may never change this opinion. However feel free to try and convince me if you wish.


This is the same thought process on why I don’t set alarms when I’m cooking or for when I want to wake up. If I’m there I’ll notice and if I’m not 🤷

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Huh? You leave things on the stove and if you don’t notice, 🤷. I’m sure that’s not what you mean.


I agree. That was probably one of the worst strawman arguments I’ve ever read.

Becomes second nature really, I wouldn’t really see a point to having notifications of markets opening as it may get in the way. A watch is all that’s needed really. :watch:

:rofl: My kind of cooking :+1

In the oven mostly, but I was agreeing with his argument

I was agreeing with you, if I’m not already paying attention then chances are I probably don’t need to be.

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It’s not like the addition of a reminder function would detract from anything, it could only ever be helpful, no matter how small. I’ve a very intensive job and where I often lose track of time; a little ping to remind me to check my stocks after the opening and closing bells so I’m aware of what is happening/happened that day would be helpful for people like me who don’t day trade or manage their accounts very much, but would like to be kept in the loop, no matter how distracted we may get during our days.

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It’s actually bad form to check your stocks every day, so having this function could set bad habits.

I disagree that it’s a bad habit to check on your stocks daily. So long as you aren’t trying to day trade, which is the real risky move, then you’re doing no harm. If checking your stocks often makes you want to trade more, then you just have no self restraint and you likely have worse bad habits than simply checking out the financial markets.

How long have you been investing Tyler? It’s pretty universally known that it’s bad form to check your stocks daily.

It’s got nothing to do with self restraint. It’s to do with tinkering.

But worst of all and I suspect by your implied post history that you’ve not experienced it yet, but the gut wrenching feeling of logging in and seeing your stocks down 30, 40, 50 maybe even 55% percent and being bombarded with news that stocks are going to zero from sources you used to read is the ultimate test of staying power, not checking your stocks can help alleviate this anxiety.

Tinkering would be a lack of self restraint if you still believe in the stock so my point still stands. Advocating not checking stocks because you may get worried and sell is advocating wilful ignorance because you don’t have the guts to sit through bad times. My original post is about a feature suggestion for busy people who enjoy investing and enjoy checking the performance of stocks every day. I don’t need a lecture from you on forming ‘bad habits’.

I remain unconvinced and now you’ve lost your temper.

Was a good debate, at least we’ve kept it near the top of the latest posts, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention, probably because even the busiest of people have a watch. :sweat_smile:


Well you have read my comment in the wrong tone if you think that. Simply telling someone that you don’t require their unsolicited advice does not constitute losing one’s temper.

This place is hardly the busiest of forums. A watch does not do the same thing a notification does, which is the entire reason for my post in the first place. The fact you cannot grasp something that basic is quite revealing

Yeah it’s a bit like trying to quit smoking and saying “I’ll just carry them around in my pocket…” This is one of the downsides of apps like T212. The upsides clearly outweigh it, to my mind, but it’s not without very real danger.

There’s nothing to quit as I’ve never day traded and have no interest in doing so. Hiding from the performance of your own shares is just encouraging ignorance. Yes, I’m sure it does help for people who know they’d likely bottle it and tinker with their shares but not everyone is like that, myself included

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Here’s a watch for you. You could set alarms for open time to remind you to check your stonks (but not touch as you have nerves of steel ((in the easier period investors have ever had))).

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