America Movil (AMX) & (AMOV)

I was looking at this stock and they are both ADRs for the same company but one is a Class A ADR and the other is a Series L ADR.

I tried to do a quick Google search but could not find a definitive answer to the difference between the two.

Can any enlighten me on this?


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Good question :slight_smile:.
Hopefully this “bump” to the thread can lead to someone replying :smiley:.

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Only saw this due to @EquityInvestor bump so have to give him some credit there, here we go:
In short:

So basically the difference is voting rigths.

Not short:

So they’re two different ADRs (so rule out different ratio’s or whatever), it’s just voting rights.

Funny thing is that I still don’t know what they actually do haha


Thanks for the explanation :smiley:.
Based on your response, including the number of shares and voting rights, I’d say the advantage of A shares is voting rights and the advantage of L shares is probably liquidity as there are many more shares.

I always choose to buy shares with voting rights over shares without them (eg. Volkswagen), even if they are a bit more expensive.


if only we could actually vote with our voting rights :sweat_smile:
I also prefer voting rights but until now never actually got the opportunity to vote (afaik you can only vote when attending the shareholder meetings).


@Etypsyno @EquityInvestor,

Thanks for your help on this.

America Movil is a Latin American Telecom company owned by Carlos Slim, once the richest man in the world. Like @EquityInvestor I would usually go for shares with voting right. But as it is majority owned and controlled by the Slim family, then the L shares would be my preferred choice as it is more liquid and slightly cheaper

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