Android widget for T212

I think it would be nice to have a widget for android where we can see:

  • % of day gain/loss
  • % of total gain/loss
  • top 3 of better performing stocks for the day
  • top 3 of worst performing stocks for the day

Hi César,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is a great idea and we’re considering creating an Android widget as well as an update to our iOS widget. However, as we are currently strongly focused on several game-changing features we won’t be able to prioritise it in the first half of 2020.


I was actually thinking of way to hide gain/loss :slight_smile: To avoid emotional reactions to big drops , like we had in recent with Corona…


Yeah, just like Yahoo Finance.

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Not a problem, I understand that you already have your hands full at the moment but keep this suggestion in your list, I think this is a worthy feature.

@Vedran, I completely understand you :wink:

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I fired up a browser tab and came to the forum just to look for an Android widget. I’m glad to see there’s one on the horizon!

I hope it has a refresh time of once every minute or so.