Android widget for T212

I think it would be nice to have a widget for android where we can see:

  • % of day gain/loss
  • % of total gain/loss
  • top 3 of better performing stocks for the day
  • top 3 of worst performing stocks for the day

Hi César,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is a great idea and we’re considering creating an Android widget as well as an update to our iOS widget. However, as we are currently strongly focused on several game-changing features we won’t be able to prioritise it in the first half of 2020.


I was actually thinking of way to hide gain/loss :slight_smile: To avoid emotional reactions to big drops , like we had in recent with Corona…


Yeah, just like Yahoo Finance.

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Not a problem, I understand that you already have your hands full at the moment but keep this suggestion in your list, I think this is a worthy feature.

@Vedran, I completely understand you :wink:


I fired up a browser tab and came to the forum just to look for an Android widget. I’m glad to see there’s one on the horizon!

I hope it has a refresh time of once every minute or so.

I would love for there to be an Android widget, especially with autoinvest + pies as this makes my current portfolio hard to track with the widget I currently use (my stocks portfolio app).

I’d be happy with a list of my investments with current value against the cost value, and Total return % or daily % for each

I’d be happier being able to have a widget per pie, but I don’t know how that would look or work.

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Love this idea! Give us Android users some love too. Any idea when this is happening?

Would love this feature… any news on this? :smiley:

Hi I’m new to Trading212, but was curious to know if there was any update on this feature?

@Team212 is there any chance to get update in this topic? Any kind of ETA regarding Android widget or it is not in plan for nearest future? TIA

Developing an Android widget isn’t part of our immediate plans, @Ashige. However, if anything changes, I’ll update the thread right away :v:

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