Pies on iOS widget

Currently, the iOS widget shows the total return od the account, in absolute numbers, and when you expand the widget, it shows the returns of the individual stocks, also in absolute numbers.

My feature suggestion is:
1 - Show percentages instead of absolute numbers. (also good for privacy)
2 - At least have the option to choose to see the Pies instead of individual stocks.

I used a lot of widgets, so showing the pies will be very helpful in skipping to open the app every time just to check the pies performance.



Is that via the auto invest? In manual I get the following

Sorry, didn’t get your question and the relation with the topic… do you mind to explain? :wink:

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Is your pies on autoinvest or manual?

Mine is on manual and that’s the figures I can see

That’s dope :calling: Didn’t even realise they’re had a widget, thanks, it now sits between my Monzo and Coinbase widgets.

I do like seeing the absolute return, but would also welcome percentages.

Further, agree it would be good to see pies :pie: now too

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I think the idea of percentages is very good! Hope the team can consider it.

Also would it be possible to allow us to manually change the list order?

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I always check that after installing any app :grin:

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Nothing available on android unfortunately.

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I know I just checked my girlfriend’s iPhone and got jealous lol


iOS 14 widget: personally would welcome a Trading212 widget on my home screen :iphone:


Looking forward for this :blush: