Orders not executing this morning


Wondering if the platform is currently experiencing some issues today due to high traffic or something. My orders have been pending for over an hour

Hope it’s just a momentary hiccup :thinking:

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What stock is it???

@CaptainDangernoodle Is this happening only with a single stock / single order?

We’re not experiencing any issues.

I’ve got two pending buy orders with GGP, and tried selling BRKB and T in the meantime, which also just stayed at pending.

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I am also trying to buy GGP, been waiting since 08:46am while the stock price rises…

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@CaptainDangernoodle We’re still working on optimizing the order execution of AIM stocks like Greatland Gold, you can find more info here:

Berkshire (BRKB) is a US company, the order will execute once US markets open.


Yeah, I was happy to see it fall to 9.10 and now its going up again.
Put one order in yesterday hoping it would execute as soon as market opens today. Guess not

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Oh hahaha I totally had a brain fart there! Was just trying to see if the platform was working but guess I should have tried with a euro stock :upside_down_face:

As I’m sure you might have seen David, market reports are out for GGP on Thursday - if the price rockets up and I decide to sell but the orders do not execute until the end of the day, how can 212 fix this so the optimization will be achieved before Thursday?


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I know the quirks of SETSqx stocks
But I’ve not been experiencing this issue like you guys have
I place my order for GGP…wait for the next auction to uncross and T212 executes my order…
I’m not setting a limit
Are you setting a price limit that is causing it not to execute?

No simple market buy order, what are the auction times?

All I did was put in a buy order yesterday so it would execute when market opens today. Since it got to 9am today and nothing happened, I thought I’ll try placing another small buy order to see if that gets things moving. Both are still pending :confused:


8am, 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4:35pm

Assume T212 don’t get involved in pre market and post market auction. But not 100% sure on that.

So next uncross shortly after 11 … usually 11.05/11.15

You mean if I place an order during market close, that won’t just execute when market opens?

I would expect it to execute in the 9am auction the following day

I meant if you executed an order at 16:29 you may not find it unwinds in the 16:35 uncross

I’ve placed some orders today, one market and one limit. As my limit order was executed even on lower price 9.25 vs 9.30 I’ve set which I’m glad about and it was made on TOTV, my market order which was executed on OTC get strange price at 9.50 per share which I’m not sure from where was taken

So funny thing happened. The order I placed second has gone through but the order I placed yesterday is still pending.

Looks like the uncrossing price was about 9.35 @11 auction today. I’d assume everyone without a limit or within that limit got executed?!? But who knows?!?!

Mine got executed at 10:57 - odd!

I’m a bit annoyed at this because the order that got executed was just a small
order of 20 shares to see if the platform was working. My big order that I put in first is still pending