Anyone invested in tattoo chef?

Anyone investing in tattoo chef?

I invested in their SPAC and sold out early March when the sell-off started to hit to de-risk the portfolio.

I like the company. Get the feeling, based on historic reactions to their news, that they’ll be a slow burn.

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Really? I’m hearing they could have massive growth in the future!

I don’t disagree and when I re-balanced my portfolio it almost made the cut. What I said was a slow burn.

Could be wrong, but I just haven’t seen it spike on news in the time I held it. It got caught in the small cap / tech bull run but sold off along with it all (SPAC association maybe?).

I’m guessing another couple of positive quarterly ERs might see it regain traction but I’m really not paying it much attention anymore. It’s a good investment in my eyes. One of the few SPACs that felt like a no-brainer.