Apple dividend payment date - ✅ Distributed

can you please tell me when will I get paid the Apple dividend? I bought shares on 14th august.

I asked T212 team about the Apple Dividend - payment date. It should arrive some time this week (a 1 week delay) from apple’s-pay date.

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I guess will be tomorrow, it was paid on Friday, usually dividends come after 2 working days, at least to me, so should be tomorrow

Pay date was on Thursday. They will arrive this week. Yesterday divs were paid of a stock which paid Friday.

Get used to waiting a long time for your dividends. I had and still have the same problems with lots of my other dividend stocks. We just have to wait for T212 to pay them out :man_shrugging:

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Yhh, my bad, I know was on the 12th but I don’t know why I said Friday

I had to wait like 5 days or a week to get the dividends from T, idk why there’s always a delay with dividends :pensive:

I am curious, so many dividend investors, so much impatience.

I though mindset of investors, especially the dividend investors is patience, dca, snowball effect etc.

Yet on daily basis, new posts pop up, “why delay of X days on dividend?” “When is X dividend gonna be paid” “pay day was yesterday, my dividend didn’t land” “where is my dividend??!?!?”

Forget about individual dates, keep investing , dca,
compound, wait X years = profit.


If waiting few days for dividends is something that bothers you, there is something very wrong with your investment strategy.


The earlier you get them, the earlier you can reinvest them. Sometimes happen that the price goes up and when you receive the dividend (1 week late), you buy less. One of the reasons why I would like to have them as earlier as possible, even tho I don’t complain.


And it might equally go the other way and then you end up getting more for your dividend payout :man_shrugging:.

It’s all just cost averaging whichever way it goes - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it pretty much averages out in the long run. The same reason I’m not really bothered about the time autoinvesting happens, sometimes you auto-buy a spike and sometimes you auto-buy a dip.

I think this says it all really. If you’re in it for the long term, who cares if it takes a week to be paid, you won’t be needing it for 10+ years anyway.

(just for added hilarity, seconds after I pressed post my Apple dividend was paid :laughing:)

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just got mine, £20. nice

I have 14k Apple and got £20 dividend, hardly going to make a difference when I reinvest that.

It’s not only Apple, other dividends also gets delayed, anyways I only said one of my reasons, not complaining

sure I understand, and it can make a difference with large positions in high paying dividend stocks I suppose

I think this is also compounded by so many people here are new to investing and getting excited refreshing their balance pages every 15 minutes. I think everyone is been there :slight_smile:

what’s notable is these delays is that people are not aware it exists in all brokers even the premium ones I use at the moment like HL & interactive investor.

edit: just to stand behind my words, I was supposed to receive ABBV, PG, BNZL dividends yesterday (16th). I logged into my Interactive investor account and none of them are paid yet. which is normal… :man_shrugging:


I think we are going to forever have ‘where’s my dividend for X company, it hasn’t arrived and it’s been Y days’ on the forum

maybe a sticky thread at the top with ‘Where’s my dividend?’ would help but wouldn’t count on it.

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Hello everyone,

The latest dividends on AAPL have been distributed to the eligible accounts.


I got mine 4hrs ago you should get yours this week