MAIN dividend late again

@David When can we expect the MAIN dividend? On my other broker i had it the 16th, why does this take so long?

How late?
Which stock?
Have they released the pay date already?

Paydate was the 15th of Main street. They already also announced dividends for jan, feb and march 2021. You can look it up

And like i said. my other brokers added the dividend on the 16th. So no, excuse that MAIN did not pay yet.

I wouldn’t call a dividend which was paid on the 15th “late” yet (not as far as T212 is concerned anyway).

There is always a few days delay in crediting dividends to accounts for a number of reasons, but essentially T212 have to receive it from Interactive Brokers before it can be distributed to their users. David does explain it a bit here, but I have no doubt it will get paid soon enough.

Don’t know what to say!
Maybe support will. Come here.
But yes. I am trying them out as well.
This platform is more cfd, but they did make improvements for investing.


When i started with this platform about 2 years ago it was only cfd. So i have been using this platform already a bit longer. Not a new user ;). So i wait what they have to say. They also changed there transfer agent to the new one and resulted in some hick-ups as was to be expected. I know how it works coz i work in IT so i have more patience then the average user, coz it can be complex. But what i do not like is when one broker, who gets their dividend paid at the same time as all the others, delays it not for 1 but 2 days even when the EULA says it can last up to 3 days before funds will be available from dividends.

I know what u mean, so you been with them 2 years nice!

See me response. I know they have 3 days. But when one broker pays the 16th and the others does not and they get paid at the same day, that is my issue. Do you not think that is not strange. Are they collecting rent that day and do not say it is illegal and therefor does not happen, it happens.

I agree with u 100% yes

And i do not blame Trading212. I know they are depended on others

All I can say is what has already been said ad nauseam. The company pays the dividend to Interactive Brokers, who then distribute the respective amount to Trading 212, who then distribute it to their clients. Because of the number of “hops” the payment has to go through, it’s no wonder it takes a few days to land in your account because of the delays in transferring the money from party to party. I guess your other brokers get paid directly by the company, so once they receive the dividend there are no further hurdles to jump over to distribute the dividend to your account and thus you get it quicker.

It takes as long as it takes and I don’t see why T212 would withold it for any longer than necessary, and complaining it takes a while isn’t going to make it get paid any quicker. IANAL but it feels like there would be regulatory issues if T212 were holding on to the dividends or slowing down their distribution without good cause.

Does this bother me? Personally, not in the slightest. I’m in it for the long haul so I don’t rely on the money for income and just reinvest it whenever it’s received.


thanks ben you said u are in the long run. i would imagine u stay away from CFD ?

I have a nominal amount (< £100) in CFDs where I play indices and short the odd stock, but it’s really not my thing.

The bulk of my investments are in my ISA where I plan to leave them ticking away and autoinvesting until I get closer to retirement, which is a good 35 years away yet (there’s a sobering thought for the weekend :roll_eyes:).

My experience with CFD’s is that you can make a lot of money in a short time, but also loose your house and be broke in even faster times :grin:, that is why i only use the invest account for dividend growth investing. I wish i started that sooner so i would also have 35 years. But you know what they say, better start then never start.

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I got it on 19.11 last time, and the previous one was on 20.10 so I presume by Monday we should have it in your accounts

I am not afraid that i do not get it, i know i will. Even got dividend payments from companies i already forgot i had them and already sold my positions :relaxed:. It was just my observation and sometimes things can get stuck and you need to hit it with a stick to unstuck it or turn computer off and on :grin:.

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No dividends are paid anymore on CFDs since a few months ago. It was very interesting when having a buy position on US 30 to see those divs coming in every week :slight_smile:

@Team212 is there a reason why a lot of dividends are delayed?

So far I haven’t received Realty Income (O) and Main Street Capital (MAIN). Both were payable last Tuesday.


Still nothing :pensive:

Finally got it :slightly_smiling_face:

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