BBIG Annual Meeting Voting

Anyone else invested in BBIG? Bet we don’t get the chance to vote in the annual meeting.

Are you voting against the management?

Absolutely yes. The whole BoD needs replacing.

We’re working on accommodating the voting as we speak, but I can’t confirm anything for the time being.

I know this is important, though. So. I’ll keep you posted as the situation develops further :v:

Haven’t got any email about the voting number yet? any update on that, please?

We’re currently in communication with our provider and will update the thread once there is any news :pray:

The vote is less than 2 weeks away now and we really need to know. It’s quite simple either we’re allowed to vote or not.

Yeah it is simple. Wait and see.

I’d prefer to know sooner rather than later but that’s just me.

If the answer is no you can’t do anything. If it’s yes you’ll vote. So just sit tight right - see what happens? :thinking:

Yes but i also think that any company that’s prepared to take my money is also obligated to allow me to take part in any shareholder actions that occur. Whether that be T212 or IKBR

Oh boy :joy:
Many do not offer voting. Some do. T212 has been working for quite some time now to bring voting, but it is still on a per-company process.

And I mean, after you’ve wired your money, and accepted general conditions, you’ve already accepted that voting may not be facilitated. That’s on you 100%.

And some times people need a push in the right direction. Accept the status quo if you like.

Absolutely. If it’s in their terms and conditions that they’ll give you access to every companies corporate events and meetings then they absolutely should.

Any update on this yet, vote is next week

Quick update, everyone:

We won’t be able to accommodate voting for BBIG’s annual meeting this time around.

Exercising voting rights is not a feature that’s fully incorporated within our services as of yet. However, we are working in this direction, and we’ll do our best to provide access to as many events as possible in the meantime.

IKBR doing what they can to protect their short position and try and get a yes vote at the meeting. Here’s hoping the rest get to vote No.

Hot take. They don’t care about this at all.